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Dr. Frederick Brown, Ph.D., Ed.D., MD

From the Archives: Fred Brown, PhD, a ‘Kolff Lab Kid’
Author: Caregiver Communications/Thursday, February 22, 2018/Categories: News (Featured), Features
In celebration of Black History Month, our caregivers from the Archives and the African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG) share the story of Frederick Brown, PhD.
Prior to receiving his PhD, Frederick D. Brown, joined Cleveland Clinic in 1957 as a chief technician to work in the Artificial Organs laboratory under the direction of Dr. Willem Kollf, a pioneer in the fields of dialysis and artificial organs. Dr. Brown’s early work focused on testing blood damage done by heart-lung machines. The standardized method he developed became the basis for the standard used by the National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Brown’s colleague Steven R. Topaz described him as a brilliant innovator, recalling how “[Fred] did a number of innovative things that he never felt sure enough to present to Dr. Kolff, so I would approach Dr. Kolff who was usually super impressed and Fred would get another project to finish.”Kolff Kid
Dr. Kolff did more than give Dr. Brown new projects. He was so impressed with Dr. Brown’s work in the lab that he arranged for tuition and research funds for Dr. Brown to pursue his PhD at Western Reserve Medical School. While studying, he continued to work at Cleveland Clinic part time. His research included work on perfusion and early artificial heart prototypes. In addition to groundbreaking scientific work, the Kolff lab offered a spirit of camaraderie and friendship remembered fondly years later by the “Kolff Lab Kids.”
After earning his PhD in anatomy, Dr. Brown left Cleveland Clinic for a second career in teaching and writing. He authored several anatomy and physiology textbooks and taught at St. John’s College, Cuyahoga Community College, and Cleveland Clinic’s School of Nurse Anesthesia.
Today, Dr. Brown enjoys retirement in Florida, but his family’s connection to Cleveland Clinic persists. This year, his daughter-in-law China Weaver-Brown celebrates 30 years as a caregiver at Cleveland Clinic.
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