Feast of St Joseph Freinademetz, SVD January 29th 2023

The Joy of Mission,

Joseph Freinademetz didn’t start as a missioner, but he dreamed of becoming one. He was born in an area of the Austrian empire, that is now northern Italy. He left for the seminary as a young man, and was ordained in 1875. The missions called to him during his early formation; not long after ordination he joined the Society of the Divine Word, across Europe, in the Netherlands.

Within a few years he and his friend Johann Baptist von Anzer were on a ship to Hong Kong. At that time the city was an important scene of evangelization. Joseph was assigned to be a catechist and trainer of priests. He learned Cantonese and Hakka dialects, wore Chinese clothing, and set about writing a Catechism in Chinese. He spent his 30-year career as a writer, teacher, pastor, and for a time, diocesan administrator in Hong Kong.  While tending the sick in a typhoid epidemic, he fell victim to the illness and died.

As a missioner, St. Joseph had left everything behind, going to a region of the world remote from his birthplace to live and preach the Gospel.

In spite of his many writings, he knew, as St. Thomas Aquinas before him, that actions would speak louder than words. “Love is the only language that everyone understands,” he was known to say. His life proved it.


St. Joseph, inspire us as we seek to break through the earthly things that divide us from one another. In your example help us to listen for and learn the language of others, so that we can hear with your ears, and speak your Word. Amen.

Glenmary Missionaries

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St. Joseph Catholic Church is a welcoming, dynamic, and diverse community of believers, representative of the Kingdom of God, with one heart and many faces. We welcome all those who seek to grow in Christ through our worship and educational and social ministries. We serve those who feel marginalized, forgotten, and unloved, in the name of Jesus Christ.

“When we Dance, God Dances with us.

On June 14th 1922 Saint Joseph Catholic Church, a Mission of St. Mary Church was founded here in St. Petersburg. As we celebrate the founding of our church we are thankful for the legacy of faith and the heritage of hope that so many before us have handed on.

January 29, 2023 | 10:00am Mass | Fr. Stephan | Gospel Music



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To give you an idea, we have viewers from Argentina, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. You cross continents from the Americas, to Southeast Asia, to the Middle East.

You come to us from China, Singapore, the Philippines and India. We have visitors from Mauritius, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, and France. I am truly amazed to see people come to us from Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Russia, Egypt, and Turkey even as far as Papua New Guinea. The nations are so many. All this is to say we have reached the entire planet. Please take a moment to comment in our blog, let us know what keeps you coming. What is it that keeps you connected to St. Joseph Catholic Church, served by the Divine Word Missionaries?

Thank You and keep watching, reading, and reflecting on what the Lord is doing through Us.

God Bless.

Fr Stephan Brown,SVD


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