Sacramental Ministries

Eucharistic Ministers

Members of the laity commissioned by the pastor to assist in reverent distribution of the Most Holy Eucharist at Mass or outside of the Mass to those unable to attend due to illness. Any parishioner wishing to serve in this ministry should be properly trained in the theology of the Eucharist, ministry and the procedures for distribution and should be willing to have a Level 2 background check.


A ministry to proclaim the Word of God. For men and women called to proclaim the Scriptures to the community at the Eucharistic celebration. This ministry is open to any Catholic in good standing over the age of 16.

Youth Readers

Youth Readers come under direction of David VanWanzeele and proclaim the readings during Youth Sunday each month.

Altar Servers

Open to all who have made their First Reconciliation and First Communion. It is an important ministry, assisting the priest during celebration of the liturgy, and serving as an example of one who actively, fully participates in the Mass. For more information, contact Richard Mr. Richard Chalwe -.<>