Going out to the Peripheries

COVID TESTING SITE – Going to those on the Peripheries

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In Order to Reach out for the Safety and wellbeing of our Neighborhood and Community we are offering Covid Testing.

Many find themselves on the peripheries and getting to Covid Testing sites can be a challenge. We here at St. Joseph have a walk up Covid Testing Site. Anyone can simply come Monday-Friday from 9-5PM and get a Covid Test. This is not a rapid test. It takes 24 to 72 hours to get your test results by email or text message. Please come and get tested, know your Covid status and protect yourselves and others

Thanksgiving Food Baskets and Covid Boosters

Our Neighbors from Caslher Heights receive food assistance for the Holidays
Booster Shot for Covid Vaccination. Ready to walk the streets again and meet those on the peripheries!

Not My Son Program

Feeding the Poor, Meeting the Needs of those on the peripheries

Jesus saves

Parish Outreach helps members of the community in need.

Contact: Hugh Davis

(727) 895-6373

Westcare Rehabilitation

Thomas Heid