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St. Joseph Catholic Church is a welcoming, dynamic and diverse community of believers, representative of the Kingdom of God, with one heart and many faces. We welcome all those who seek to grow in Christ through our worship, educational and social ministries. We serve those who feel marginalized,  forgotten and  unloved, in the name of … Continue reading About Us

Faith that Is Spirit Empowered and Committed For Others!

This weekend I’ve been grappling with the Word of God. To have faith, Spiritual Courage and a commitment to service. Let our thoughts turn here to a re-read of this reflection I wrote 5 years ago

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Multiculturalism and Globalization an active and intentional engagement of the “Other”, to the world.

In preparation of the National Men’s Conference in Miami this Fall, I share with you thoughts and hopes as we seek to serve one another and those we encounter in our community.  No great victories are won in a war for the transformation of a whole people without total participation. Less than this will not create a new society; it will only evoke more sophisticated token amelioration. Martin Luther King Jr.  Where do we go from here? Chaos to Community.

Like life, racial understanding is not something that we find but something that we must create. What we find when we enter these mortal plains is existence; but existence is the raw material out of which all life must be created. A productive and happy life is not something that you find; it is something that…

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Let’s not become complacent, Secure Justice for the oppressed!

The eyes of justice moves from actions of the unjust and plotting against the poor that we saw last week, to the injustice of complacency when the plight of the poor and suffering is overlooked and ignored. You see it isn’t only the evil injustice that is planned and executed to steal from the poor … Continue reading Let’s not become complacent, Secure Justice for the oppressed!

Let’s Be Counter Cultural, Stand with those on the Peripheries!

We pause to take a moment to remember and reflect on two great African Saints this week, Saints Monica and her son Augustine. These two saints of the early church even today guide us to be a church that is lovingly patient and lovingly drawing us deeper into the love of Christ where our hearts … Continue reading Let’s Be Counter Cultural, Stand with those on the Peripheries!

You are God’s Anointed, Expect Big things from God, Good measure, Pressed Down, shaken together…!

God is doing something BIG. He gonna blow our minds

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

You are the anointed of God, No weapons formed against you shall Prosper you are more than conquerors!

We are the anointed of God. With this anointing God will lead us into His Grace and Blessings to use our anointing for the good of others. I invite you to claim and live in your anointing.

God’s word is always on time. What a blessing it is that through our Baptism we are God’s anointed through Jesus Christ our Lord. Be reminded that the anointing of God is over your life. The first reading this week reminds us that no one can do harm to the anointed of God, or placetheir hands on God’s anointed and live!

Do not harm him, for who can lay hands on the LORD’s anointed and remain unpunished?” Samuel 26:13

God’s Word is clear that Gods anointing is upon us 2 Corinthians…

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A Church for the Poor, A Call to Radical Love

Let’s not forget the poor. Go out to the Peripheries

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

As I boarded my flight to Atlanta, I began to reflect how I could get rest, catch up on reading, and allow that reflection to better serve our ministry to the community here in South St Petersburg and the Diocese of St Petersburg.   After having an inspiring weekend, it seemed the “Pact of The Catacombs” edited by Xabier Pikaza and Jose’ Atunes da Silva would serve as a good source of reflection.

Although this past week was truly disturbing as we saw again the horrors that result from hate and prejudice in our nation, I was inspired by the great outreach and opportunities to serve those on the peripheries.   From an encouraging dialogue to welcome immigrants and the Spanish speaking community to our parish, to the service of our neighborhood through sharing back to school supplies and clothing vouchers to reaching local teens and offering support and encouragement. This is…

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Enter Through the Narrow Gate! God has come to Welcome the Nations!

At first glance of the scriptures this week from Luke 13, one would find the question of someone who encountered Jesus along His way to Jerusalem challenging to answer. Namely that is "Who will be saved?" Initially I thought of all the different responses, from a small group of faithful, to those 144,000 to everyone … Continue reading Enter Through the Narrow Gate! God has come to Welcome the Nations!

Proclaim the Truth of the Gospel/Set the World On Fire with Christ’s Love!

The Message this week is one that a true proclaimer and preacher of the Gospel finds challenging. So often when we preach or listen to a sermon, we are hoping to feel good about what is proclaimed to us. Preacher and parishioner alike want to have a nice message. This is not one of those … Continue reading Proclaim the Truth of the Gospel/Set the World On Fire with Christ’s Love!