CCD/Religious Education

Those seeking Sacrament Preparation must speak with our Pastor first: 727-822-2153.

It is our hope that all young people in our parish attend Religious Education classes. If financial assistance is needed, please call our office at 727-822-2153.

Required Registration fees:  $25.00 per child, $40.00 per family

Required Registration forms:

  • Student Information-Custody-Medical Information-Transportation Contact Form  (We are not dispensing medication, and this form does not need to be notarized.): English: Word | PDF; Spanish: Word | PDF
  • Promotional Media Release Form —  English:  Word | PDF, Spanish: Word | PDF
  • Covid 19 Waiver for Faith Formation — English:  Word | PDF, Spanish: Word | PDF
  • Handbook sign off —  English:  Word | PDF, Spanish: Word / PDF
  • FlipGrid consent form —  English:  PDF, Spanish: PDF

CCD Partnership Introduction:

Online CCD Launch – Encouragement (3 pages):

Schedule (2 pages):