Here’s What’s Happening At Saint Joseph

The Faith Community of Saint Joseph Catholic Church celebrated our opening Gala of our 100th Anniversary.

“We’ve Come This Far by Faith”

St Joseph Youth Group Reaching those on the peripheries

Stuffing Socks for the homeless

Socks are prepared to be handed out to the homeless as parishioners go about their daily lives. Whether on street corners, Freeway exit ramps or simple passing by. With donations from parishioners we can help those in need in a small way. Instead of ignoring the homeless or locking our doors and turning our heads we offer them a pair of socks, with food, snacks and water to help them through the day.

A Synodal Church | Communion, Participation and Mission

Christmas 2021 at St. Joseph

October 31st, 2021

Adoration Praying for the Universal church

Sunday September 26th – Mission Co-Op with St. Paul St. Petersburg our Sister Parish

Building Bridges for the future

Partnerships for the future of our Youth. City of St. Petersburg and St Joseph Partnership for Police Athletic League. This is what “Preparing the Future” looks like. Partnerships! City of St. Petersburg with St Joseph

Saint Joseph Welcomes New Youth and Confirmation Coordinator Minster Nicholas Finch

Nick is a new parishioner. He and his family joined last year. He currently is a Professor of English Literature at Jesuit High School in Tampa.

St Joseph Contemporary Gospel Mass Choir

Contact Joseph Cosas is the Worship Coordinator (813)458-1980

We are looking for choir members to Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord

This choir is for anyone one in the city who would love to join a choir. Many Churches are still closed. With Vaccinations for the Covid 19 we are returning to choir auditions and admitting new members. Full Vaccination is required to sing in the choir. Seating will remain socially distanced.

Choir Auditions Tuesdays at 6:00PM

St Joseph Gospel Mass Choir sings Sundays at 10:00AM

First Communion Sunday

“The Cathedral in the Hood” ♠

Bishop Parkes Visits to Confirm our St. Joseph Class of 2021.   “Welcome to the Hood Bishop Parkes”

Enough is Enough, Stop the Violence, Stop the Death in our Community.
Our Ambassadors of love for the hungry