Special Announcements


Faith Formation/Religious Education

We will begin registration for 2018-2019 CCD classes August 26th, and Sept 2nd after the 10 am mass.
Open House will be on Sept 9th, and 1st class begins Sept 16th after mass.
We are in need of volunteer catechists, assistants and kitchen helpers.
We are always in need of people who can do arts and crafts, and anyone
who have vast knowledge on our Catholic history, and blessed Saints.
Please come and share your talent, and faith!

Mass Schedule Changes

Beginning September 1st our Mass Schedule for the weekday Masses will be Monday – Friday at 8:00AM  There will be no Saturday Morning Mass.   Adoration will be following the Tuesday Mass the First Tuesday of the Month, confessions will also be offered.    We will continue to offer opportunity for confessions on Saturday afternoons at 4:00PM in the Sacristy.

Statement from Bishop Gregory Parkes concerning the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report
August 15, 2018
I am saddened and angry to learn of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report that spans a 70-year period and details tragic incidents by priests accused of abusing and exploiting children.
In response to this report and also the recent allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, I recommit my efforts to protecting youth and vulnerable adults from any type of abuse.
In the Diocese of St. Petersburg, we comply with the Charter for Protection of Children and Young People (Charter), which was adopted in June 2002 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) that requires background screening and Safe Environment Program training for all who may have the care, responsibility, and/or supervision of Children and young people. Our diocese responds promptly to all credible allegations of abuse and removes the abuser from ministry. Additionally, we list the names of priests of the Diocese of St. Petersburg who have been accused of abuse on the Diocesan website.
I urge anyone who has been a victim of abuse by a member of the clergy or any representative of the Church to contact law enforcement and our victim assistance coordinator at 866-407-4505. Also, I urge anyone who is aware of abuse by a member of the clergy or representative of the Church to contact law enforcement and our victim assistance coordinator at 866-407-4505.
I pray for all victims of abuse around the nation and around the world. I also pray that the Church will learn from past mistakes to be able to safeguard the people we serve and to be authentic witnesses of charity, justice and truth.

Sale of Union Street Office / Former Convent

St. Joseph is moving into a new phase of our mission here in South St. Petersburg serving the Caslher Heights Neighborhood.   On August 10th we closed on the Sale of the former Parish Offices at 2624 Union Street South.   We can now begin the work of revitalizing our facilities.  The proceeds of the sale will be invested into our remaining buildings to repair our roof and gutters and to install new central air-conditioning in our Parish Center and Church building.   We are also able to become current on all our parish administrative and operational costs.   The new vision that I shared below is coming into place.   St. Joseph returning the administrative offices to the 22nd Ave South location provided a clear and visible presence.   The neighborhood has had a warm reception to the change and find that they are able to better contact the parish when a need arises.

Facilities Plan for St Joseph Church

First and foremost we must provide a ‘home’ for parishioners. The Pastoral Center would house the various parish ministries. This would include youth ministry, adult bible study, catechesis and faith formation. This may include summer vacation bible school and small retreats, days of recollection and formation. We are family-centered, and welcome in a special way children, youth, and seniors in a simple but safe environment to gather as well as recreate outdoors.

We must provide offices for administrative services and facilities management. It is vital for pastoral ministry to be easily accessed by parishioners and visitors alike. The Administrative services now allow for appropriate access to offices where spiritual guidance can be offered, meet daily needs, and provide a convenient location for meeting with various organizations.

We the Catholic Community of St Joseph Parish are a place of welcome and enjoyment for the people who worship, live and recreate on our parish grounds. A parish facility that stands as a beacon of hope in the midst of a vibrant active community.

We have begun to address our facilities and the plan to do immediate repairs of roof/gutters and air-conditioning in the church and St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Center is now at the approval stage with the fund to pay for the construction in our savings account.  Within a few weeks you will begin to see construction crews working to repair and revitalize our church and Parish Pastoral Center.

We have relocate our facilities so that St Joseph now provides  pastoral care in one location, providing a clear and cohesive Pastoral Center.  This now allows all pastoral activity to be in close proximity.

“Where there is no vision the people perish,” Proverbs 29:18 KJV

For I know well the plans I have in mind for you—oracle of the LORD—plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope. Jeremiah 29:11 NAB

Pastoral Council

Mr. Kareem Sandy – Youth Ministry – Pastoral Council Chairperson

Mrs. Daisy Albury – Columbiettes

Mrs. Garth Albury –  At Large – Choir

Mrs. Michelle Carr – Finance Chairperson – ex-officio member

Mr. Richard Chalwe – Altar Servers

Mr. Louis Casteneda – Facilities Committee

Mr. Hugh Davis  –  At Large – Outreach Ministry

Mrs. Kathi Dorsey – Office Volunteers – Art and Environment

Mr. Charles Greenslade – F.A.S.T.

Ms. Dorothy Jones – Legion of Mary

Mr. Jerry Junevicus – Faith Formation

Ms. Agnes Mbano – Nurses

Mrs. Diesel Pilot – Religious Education

Mr. Gene Poplawski – At Large – Seasonal Parishioner – Bible Study

Ms. Nicole Sanches  – 1 Year Advisor for Realestate and Eucharistic Ministers

Ms. Patricia VanAlstine – Bereavement Ministry