Special Announcements Holy Week Schedule



Friday April 19th 4:00PM   Following 3:00PM  Celebration of the Passion

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Save the Date
St Joseph The Worker Day (May 1st)
Saturday May 4th. Parish Cookout and Outing Pastoral Council Team asked to plan this outing.


Holy Week Begins  Sunday April 14th


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Holy Week Schedule
We will need additional readers for all services
Saturday April 13th. Palms Sunday Vigil Mass. 5:00PM
Sunday Palm Sunday Procession. Outside Steps In Front of Parish Pastoral Center

Tuesday Chrism Mass March 16th
St Jude Cathedral. 11;00AM
The Holy Oils are Blessed by the Bishop. Fr Stephan has asked Stephen Roderick to be responsible for representing St Joseph and Receiving the Oils.

March 18th Holy Thursday Mass
Fr Stephan is seeking twelve members to have feet washed.

Good Friday service
3:00pm Celebration of the passion The Hour of Lord’s death

4:00 PM. Neighborhood fish Fry. All are welcome for Free Fried Fish, also a movie

Holy Saturday
8:00 pm.
Easter Sunday
10:00. Gospel Mass


Women of Faith for Sainthood

Mother Venerable Henriette Díaz DeLille (March 11, 1813 – November 16, 1862) was an African-American French Créole woman from New Orleans, Louisiana, who founded the Roman Catholic order of the Sisters of the Holy Family in that city. Composed of free women of color, the order provided nursing care and a home for orphans,                                        later establishing schools as well.Henrietta DeLille.png

Mary Lange, O.S.P. (1784-1882), born Elizabeth Clarisse Lange, was an African-American religious sister who was the foundress of the Oblate Sisters of Providence, a religious congregation established to allow African-American women to enter religious life in the Catholic Church. The cause for her beatification has been opened and thus she is honored as a Servant of God by the Catholic Church.

elizabeth LNG

Sister Thea Bowman Cause for Canonization. Servant of God Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA, left an indelible mark on her community and on her Church. She lovingly taught young people about the joy of being Christian, she challenged her church to accept her as “fully black and fully Catholic,” she embraced her suffering with a willing spirit and she called all to a living faith.










Pastoral Council

Mr. Kareem Sandy – Youth Ministry – Pastoral Council Chairperson

Mrs. Daisy Albury – Columbiettes

Mrs. Garth Albury –  At Large – Choir

Mr. Richard Chalwe – Altar Servers

Mr. Louis Casteneda – Facilities Committee

Mr. Hugh Davis  –  At Large – Outreach Ministry

Mrs. Kathi Dorsey – Office Volunteers – Art and Environment

Mr. Charles Greenslade – F.A.S.T.

Ms. Dorothy Jones – Legion of Mary

Mr. Jerry Junevicus – Faith Formation

Ms. Agnes Mbano – Nurses

Mrs. Diesel Pilot – Religious Education

Mr. Gene Poplawski – At Large – Seasonal Parishioner – Bible Study

Ms. Nicole Sanches  – 1 Year Advisor for Realestate and Eucharistic Ministers

Ms. Patricia VanAlstine – Bereavement Ministry