Special Announcements

Recruitment of  EMs, Readers, and  Alter Servers
St Joseph is in need of parishioners who will be willing to volunteer  their  time to the following ministries :  EM Servers, Readers, and Alter

Commemorating 50 years since the Death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

April 4th 1968




A Call to Peace and Action
No Justice, No peace;
Know Justice, Know Peace”
is our rallying cry.
On this day, we, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. call for peace. A peace that is more than the absence of war. We call for a just peace. A peace where all humans have the rights of security, prosperity, good and free education, accessible and plentiful food, clean water and a planet free from disastrous pollution to calamitous climate change.
We call for a just peace. A peace where people are able to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. A peace committed to understanding, celebrating and learning from difference. A peace grounded in what Dr. King called the Beloved Community.
It takes more than words to bring about peace. It takes action. Action that decreases hostility between people and actions that promote trust so that our words have meaning. Action, must occur within a vision.
We call on ALL people to imagine a world without poverty, hunger and homelessness. Imagine a world where we reject racist ideologies and replace them with an all-inclusive spirit of love for ALL people. Imagine a world where we resolve disputes by peaceful conflict-resolution and true reconciliation. Imagine a world, where love and justice triumph.
No Justice, No peace;
Know Justice, Know Peace”

Contributed by:
Assistant Professor Andre E. Johnson,
Department of Communications,
University of Memphis



Save the Date Pastor Installation and 25th Anniversary of Priesthood
Bishop Gregory Parks, the bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg will Install Reverend Father Stephan Brown, SVD as our Pastor on Saturday June 23rd at 5:00PM.   Bishop Parks is grateful to Fr. Stephan for his willingness to serve as the Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church here in Saint Petersburg and he will install him to continue serving our parish for years to come.  He expressed his deep appreciation in Fr. Stephan’s leadership in the parish’s outreach to the community and service of the poor and marginalized.  We are grateful for the trust and confidence of Bishop Parks in appointing Fr. Stephan Brown, SVD as our Pastor.

Parish Council



Brittney Wranovix   President


Garth Ashbury (Grand Knight)


Nicole Saunches


James Duverlus


Michele Massimino (Finance Council Chairperson)


Bradley Pilo


David  VanWanzeele  (Vice President)