Special Announcements

Needs Assesment and Canvassing the Neighborhood

St. Joseph Parish is seeking major funding to support our mission of outreach to children and women in need in our community.  A key part of the Grant process is a needs assessemnt.  On the Weekend of May 12th and 13th.  Mother’s Day weekend, we are asking for help to canvass the community from 11:00AM to 2:00PM Saturday May 12th.   Sunday during Mass we are asking participants to take part in the assessment.  Help us secure funding to transform

Seminarians from Divine Word Seminary, Epworth Iowa serving at St. Joseph Parish.

St. Joseph will welcome two Divine Word College Seminarians who will be with us for 8 weeks this summer.  These Seminarians are well prepared to serve our community.  They will assist with our Summer Program and Vacation Bible School.

Friday Onoja (second year student from Nigeria, SVD seminarian)

Onoja, Friday (1)

Francis Makau Wambua

(third year student from Kenya, diocesan seminarian for the Island of Antigua)

Wambua, Francis Makau

Save the Date Pastor Installation and 25th Anniversary of Priesthood
Bishop Gregory Parks, the bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg will Install Reverend Father Stephan Brown, SVD as our Pastor on Saturday June 23rd at 5:00PM.   Bishop Parks is grateful to Fr. Stephan for his willingness to serve as the Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church here in Saint Petersburg and he will install him to continue serving our parish for years to come.  He expressed his deep appreciation in Fr. Stephan’s leadership in the parish’s outreach to the community and service of the poor and marginalized.  We are grateful for the trust and confidence of Bishop Parks in appointing Fr. Brown, SVD as our pastor.

St Joseph Parish Pastoral Council

Effective May 1st the New Parish Pastoral Council has been selected.   The Installation of the New Council will be Sunday May 20th.  Pastoral Council Members will serve for three years.  The special advisor for Real estate is for 1 year.

Mr. Kareem Sandy – Youth Ministry – Pastoral Council Chairperson

Mrs. Daisy Albury – Columbiettes

Mrs. Garth Albury –  At Large – Choir

Mrs. Michelle Carr – Finance Chairperson – ex-officio member

Mr. Richard Chalwe – Altar Servers

Mr. Louis Casteneda – Facilities Committee

Mr. Hugh Davis  –  At Large – Outreach Ministry

Mrs. Kathi Dorsey – Office Volunteers – Art and Environment

Mr. Charles Greenslade – F.A.S.T.

Ms. Dorothy Jones – Legion of Mary

Mr. Jerry Junevicus – Faith Formation

Ms. Agnes Mbano – Nurses

Mrs. Diesel Pilot – Religious Education

Mr. Gene Poplawski – At Large – Seasonal Parishioner – Bible Study

Ms. Nicole Sanches  – 1 Year Advisor for Realestate and Eucharistic Ministers

Ms. Patricia VanAlstine – Bereavement Ministry