Special Announcements

Wedding Bells are ringing

thJFMIIKT9Bruce Elliott and Trish Brenden will enter into the sacrament of marriage on Saturday September 14 at 1:30PM   Here at St. Joseph Catholic Church.  Let’s join them in the celebration of their love for each other.



Lighting give away for the community

An anonymous donor has dropped of a shipment of lights bulbs that can be used for the home.  All are welcome to the lights.  If you need spot lights and bulbs for your home please come to our church hall.  2101 22nd Ave South

New Pantry

food-pantry-page-northlake-baptist-churchnorthlake-baptist-church-nrML5H-clipartSt. Joseph has now a new neighborhood pantry we need youth to help with stocking the pantry on Sundays. Please bring non-perishable foods. Canned and packaged that have a long shelf life to church. The youth will take to the pantry and stock the shelves.

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Executive Board
Kareem Sandy – Pastoral Council President
Mr. Jerry Junevicus – Vice President /Faith Formation
Ms. Patricia VanAlstine – Secretary/ Bereavement Ministry

Pastoral Council Members
Ms. Dorothy Jones – Legion of Mary
Mr. Garth Albury – Knights of Columbus \Choir\Food For Families\F.A.S.T
Mr. Louis Casteneda – Facilities Committee
Mr. Hugh Davis – Finance Council – Outreach Ministry
Mr. Thomas Gaffney – Marketing and Community Outreach
Mr. Daka Phinias – Altar Servers

Working Committee Members

Mrs. Daisy Albury – Columbiettes, 

Mr. Charles Greenslade – F.A.S.T. 

Ms. Agnes Mbano – Nurses  

Mrs. Diesel Pilot – Religious Education



Community Garden

If you are interested in having a small elevated Garden Plot please come by the office.  In July we will be starting our St. Joseph Community Garden.   We will start with 5 Raised Plots for parishioners and community members to adopt.   Plots will be adopted in October when weather is cooler.


Parish Business

Fr. Stephan is available Mondays, Thursdays and Friday for Parish Business.  8:30AM Until 12:00 Noon or by Appointment anytime in the evening.  Fr. Stephan has made it a priority to have an open door policy to talk to parish members.  Please do not utilize Sunday morning to discuss major matters.   Please note Fr. Stephan does not take notes in order to recall discussions before or after Masses.  Sundays and weekday Masses.   On Sunday after Mass Fr. Stephan would like to use this time to get to know the parishioners and visit with them.

New Transportation Ministry

A new Mini-Van has been donated to Church.  If you know anyone in need of a ride to church  Please contact the church office.  We are looking for committed Drivers to bring shut-inns to Mass on Sunday


Vacation Bible Camp








Sparrows Boys choir ( ‘Les Moineaux’), from Paris, France.
And organist at St. Eustache Catholic Church and Director François Olivier

FullSizeRender (3)

We were truly honored to host the boys choir  ‘Les Moineaux’.  We joined in solidarity with the church of France. We are thankful to all those who came out to this monumental event.



Women of Faith for Sainthood

Mother Venerable Henriette Díaz DeLille (March 11, 1813 – November 16, 1862) was an African-American French Créole woman from New Orleans, Louisiana, who founded the Roman Catholic order of the Sisters of the Holy Family in that city. Composed of free women of color, the order provided nursing care and a home for orphans,   later establishing schools as well.Henrietta DeLille.png

Mary Lange, O.S.P. (1784-1882), born Elizabeth Clarisse Lange, was an African-American religious sister who was the foundress of the Oblate Sisters of Providence, a religious congregation established to allow African-American women to enter religious life in the Catholic Church. The cause for her beatification has been opened and thus she is honored as a Servant of God by the Catholic Church.

elizabeth LNG

Sister Thea Bowman Cause for Canonization. Servant of God Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA, left an indelible mark on her community and on her Church. She lovingly taught young people about the joy of being Christian, she challenged her church to accept her as “fully black and fully Catholic,” she embraced her suffering with a willing spirit and she called all to a living faith.