Here’s what’s Happening At Saint Joseph


Five Fabulous Females Awards

60097429752__ACAE7A93-1528-4FB5-A5A4-E56C1E2E1EA8 (1)  As we celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr this weekend it is an honor the congratulate Mrs. Donna Gaffney, one of our very own.   Donna is a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church and on Friday January 17th she was honored by the Academy Prep of St. Petersburg as one of their “Five Fabulous Females”  Donna has been a drummajor for justice in her passion for the care and wellbeing of children.  She has served as a Guardian ad Litem of the 6th Judicial Court of Pinellis and Pasco counties for 20 years.  She is the co-founder of the Suncoast Voices for Children a non-profit organization that now serves 300 abused and abandoned children.   Since it’s inception Suncoast Voices for Children has raised over $3 million fulfilling the needs of at risk children.  She has served on the  Board of the Children’s Home network and several other boards and organizations.

As she received her award these sentiments that she shared profoundly touched me. Donna sees her life as a part of a continuum, a life path.   Her life began with a totally inclusive family that valued, respect tolerance and love. Her mother encouraged her so much so that she was in the forefront in women’s rights groups.  She also worked in the Civil Rights movement in Chicago as a public health nurse on the Southside.  Donna Gaffney is truly a Fabulous Female and we are proud of her and proud to have her as a part of St. Joseph Catholic Church.   She lives out each day our Motto “St. Joseph, Where All are Welcome.”



Community Christmas

Santa Comes and Visits St. Joseph to share with Children

On Saturday December 21st Santa Claus also known as Old Saint Nick arrived at St. Joseph Parish to bring joy and happiness to the neighborhood of Casler Heights in South St. Petersburg.  He brought toys and smiles to all the children and parents present for the event.  We are most grateful to all those who made the Kids day with Santa so special.  A key historic moment for Santa to arrive by Helicopter  on the church property of St. Joseph Catholic Church, St. Petersburg.

Thanks Santa for remembering us!  So often we’ve been forgotten in the past, but Santa also Stands with those on the peripheries!


santa20191221_121344 (3).jpg