Hand it On! Fathers leave a legacy of faith, a heritage of hope!

This weekend is one unlike any other. We have so much to celebrate, commemorate and remember. The newest of our Holidays, Juneteenth, commemorating the freedom finally arriving to those still enslaved two years after the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln. We celebrate fathers and their unwavering dedication and commitment to family and handing on a … Continue reading Hand it On! Fathers leave a legacy of faith, a heritage of hope!

Pray as if it all Depends on God, And work as if it All depends on you!

Over the past month we’ve seen shooting after shooting, from an 18 year old white nationalist and domestic terrorist killing shoppers in a Tops grocery store, to this weeks 18 year old from Texas who for no reason killed 19 defenseless children and 2 teachers just 4 days following his birthday. Mass shootings, racist hate … Continue reading Pray as if it all Depends on God, And work as if it All depends on you!

God’s Love Comes Full Circle, So Let’s Love One Another!

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

love jesus  I recall a great preacher tell his congregation, “everything comes full circle.”  The understanding that life is cyclical, and it seems that we return to where we began.  Life is like this, all that is has God as it’s origin and life is ultimately returning to God.

Throughout the Easter Season we’ve been reflecting on the Book of Revelation.  Although that last book of the Bible, and looking at the Bible we have it unfold as a love story beginning with God’s love for His creation and today being reminded that God’s love comes full circle and restored and made new.   We hear in Revelation, John writes: “I, John, saw a new heaven and a new earth.  The former heaven and the former earth had passed away,” “Behold, I make all things new.”

God’s creation is changed, renewed and made over again, namely it is transformed into a…

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A Mother’s Love, Brings Joy to the Heart!

Another reveled toon from where we were a year ago. Blessed Mother’s day

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

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It’s All About Love!

As we come to this Day in the Midst of our Easter Joy we pause to remember and to celebrate motherhood. This is truly a day remembering how we experience the love of our mothers. There are probably many memories that run through our minds and thoughts as we think of our mother both living and deceased. We will probably find ourselves this weekend doing just that. For me I remember both the good memories and not so good ones. I often will laugh when I can only recall getting one spanking from my mother as a child for something really stupid that I did to my little sister. Looking back we laugh and say, “boy I really deserved that one”. But most often we remember the special ways our mothers did things for us and for our families. This week end spend time remembering the…

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