“Do not Forget the Lord”

The Body and Blood of Christ.

Food for our Journey

We celebrate this weekend the Great Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. As we celebrate our thoughts become nostalgic for the great celebrations of yester year. I refer to this each year of the smells and bells of the celebration, the great processions and public witness of our faith. But this year is especially significant as we are in our year of the Eucharistic Revival and our Synod.

As the Eucharist is Christ truly present to us how can we draw more deeply into this great gift of God to the world? Also we remember that we are also called to be witnesses to Christ’s presence and His transformative power. Not only for the ordinary gifts of bread and wine which become His true and real presence food for our journey that strengthens and sustains our lives so that we “do not forget” what the Lord has done for us in giving us His body and blood. Real food, for a real journey that draws us in more profoundly into to the divine life in union with Christ.

The Eucharist reminds us not to forget the Lord. To often we approach Eucharist as an obligation something we need to “do”, or simply an action “making Mass.” During this special time we are called not to forget that Eucharist is both “font and summit” of our life and that of the whole church. It is an opportunity unlike any other to enter into communion with Christ and one another. Yes, and one another for Eucharist is not a private devotion but rather it is a communal celebration. Divine Liturgy is the work of the entire people of God coming together in thanksgiving to enter into the Pasqual Mystery, to share in the Eucharistic meal and to be sent to be Sacrament of Salvation to the World.

The Church, that Jesus Christ founded and gave to His disciples is guided by the Holy Spirit, we must continues the work of bringing salvation to all our sisters and brothers by continuing the ministry of Christ in the world today; in doing so the Church is both the Sacrament of Communion and the Sacrament of Salvation. 

Our celebration of The Body and Blood of Christ is our life source to sharing Christ’s gift of salvation. Our gathering as a worshiping community is the summit of our life as we gather around the Eucharist table. God’s Word is broken and shared, His Body and Blood we partake in and we are sent on mission to a bruised and hurting world to bring Christ’s love and good news of salvation for all.

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