Empowered By the Sprit to Be World Changers!

Through the Power of the Holy Spirit We can be World Changers.

We celebrate the Feast of Pentecost this week. Most Christians don’t realize that this Jewish Feast was the Shavuot) and was primarily a thanksgiving for the firstfruits of the wheat harvest, but it was later associated with a remembrance of the Law given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.

So What we have is Jews and travelers who after the 50 days following Passover, return to the city of Jerusalem. Thus the crowds of Jews from all over the know world or the empire. Something new happens, something great and powerful. As the disciples are in prayer in one place. The Holy Spirit come, “as Tongues of fire”. what a powerful, earth shacking transforming movement, for not only the disciples but the city packed with pilgrims who had come for the feast. In giving thanks for the great harvest, in a reconfirmation of adherence to and dedication to the law of Moses, the people are filled with the Sprit of God.

Jesus disciples who remained in the city after Passover were shut up, locked away and closed up out of fear. In the midst of their fear, while they were still in confusion Christ step in. Christ is with them and they would make Christ’s command their reality. It is in this moment Christ is profoundly present. The locked doors, their fearful hearts and minds could not keep Jesus out, He greats them with Peace. He says “Peace be with You”. He then imparts upon His disciples, and gives them power. Life changing power, dynamos power, transforming power for a challenging word.

We are a Pentecostal Church, as Pope Francis desires an Evangelical church that stands with those on the peripheries and proclaims the message that is clearly understood, in their language and how they can Relate They go forth and Change the worl. Be world changers

The power to make a difference is in. The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles the gift of tongues to opened values for His world of love, healing, acceptance might be proclaimed. The Holy Spirit confronts division and they all hear in their own language. The Holy Spirit unites people and nationalistic identity becomes second place. What is important is that whether Cretan are Greek, Palestinian, or Roman, Hebrew or Greek all heard the glory and love of God. It is the Holy Spirit that will help cross and heal racial and cultural divide. We can enter into dialogue through seeing in our diversity a great beauty and gift to share. Let us allow this Pentecost to empower us within to go forth and encounter, receive and embrace the “other” who is different. Let us see in them a gift to be cherished , loved and valued. It is this great symbol that builds upon the difference for our common good, not destroying them but building up.

Missionary Prayer for the Oppressed”
We members of the Arnoldus Family are charged with bringing the needs of the world to prayer “The spirituality of our Founder gives direction to our entire religious life. Arnold Janssen was a man of deep faith and prayer, aware of the abiding presence of God within him and open to the needs of the world.” (SSpS Const 508) “… our spiritual lives are inspired by Arnold Janssen, for he was a man of faith and prayer, of openness and dedication.” (SVD Const. 508) “Our neighbors and world events stimulate us to a dialogue with the Lord…. Our prayer is imbued with apostolic spirit and our apostolic work with the spirit of prayer.” (SVD Const 408) “World events and our contact with others stimulate our dialogue with the Lord. To him we bring the concerns of the Church together with the anguish and needs of the world.” (SSpS Const. 412)
The Holy Father asks for our prayers for a specific intention each month inviting us to join with many people worldwide in praying for this intention. These intentions have been entrusted in a particular way to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, an organization that works to encourage Christians to respond to the Pope’s appeal and to deepen their daily prayer.
This is Pope Francis’ intention for June 2023: We pray that the international community may commit in a concrete way to ensuring the abolition of torture and guarantee support to victims and their families. (https://www.churchpop.com/heres-pope-francis-prayer-intentions-for-each-month-in-2023/) He has spoken of this concern from time to time and, at length in a talk at the World Youth Day in Poland in 2016. The situation, as we know from reading and listening to the news, has only grown worse over the years. During June, the month of the Sacred Heart, may our own apostolic prayer on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world grow more intense and more focused.“

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  1. YES!! We need to heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and preach with our legs, on the streets.

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