What Are You Discussing as you walk along?”

We are a pilgrim people and our walking together is our journey as seek to understand and live more deeply a life connected with Christ who accompanies us on our Journey. In the midst of our walking together during our Easter resurrection celebration we find ourselves walking with the disciples of Jesus who have gotten disturbing and troubling news. We are on the road to Emmaus this week and I invite us to reflect on the question of Jesus to His disciples, “What are you discussing as you walk along?”

The disciples have had what they thought we are their hopes and dreams dashed and destroyed. They had great hopes that Jesus was the “One”. He would restore Israel, He would bring about the changes that they had longed for and fulfill the prophesies as they understood them. For the long and short of it their world had come crashing down.

Like the disciples we too become disillusioned when our life journey is unclear and uncertain. Just when things are looking good and seeming to fall in place life changes. We wonder and worry about what’s next for our life, where is our journey taking us to? The first thing we can take from this week is that Jesus is with us on the journey. We do not walk along but even when we are confused and don’t understand the Lord accompanies us through all that encompasses our fears, pains and wonder. Jesus is patient and listens to us just as He did with Cleopas as he shared all that had taken place in Jerusalem regarding Jesus.

What are we talking about as we journey. There are many aspects of wonder as I walk with you. I wonder what’s happening in my own life as I await the final decision of my next assignment. I wonder about you and talk about how can I journey with you to help assist in yet another transition in the life of this church family. But in all the discussions, talking reflecting and wondering Christ is inviting us together to let Him walk with us and reveal Himself in our journeying.

Christ continually reveals Himself to us with love and compassion. He speaks to us through His Word, He converses with us through the quiet of our stopping, pausing and opening ourselves to listen with the ear of the heart. He speaks through others who accompany us, We most specially encounter Him in the breaking of the bread in our Eucharistic celebration.

One thought on “What Are You Discussing as you walk along?”

  1. Life is not a puzzle to be solved, rather a mystery to be lived.
    To find our journey calls for prayer,
    reflection, and
    mostly absolute quiet both on the outside and the inside. We can’t hear the voice of God if we are always talking…..sheeee

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