You are God’s Anointed, Expect Big things from God, Good measure, Pressed Down, shaken together…!

God is doing something BIG. He gonna blow our minds

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

You are the anointed of God, No weapons formed against you shall Prosper you are more than conquerors!

We are the anointed of God. With this anointing God will lead us into His Grace and Blessings to use our anointing for the good of others. I invite you to claim and live in your anointing.

God’s word is always on time. What a blessing it is that through our Baptism we are God’s anointed through Jesus Christ our Lord. Be reminded that the anointing of God is over your life. The first reading this week reminds us that no one can do harm to the anointed of God, or placetheir hands on God’s anointed and live!

Do not harm him, for who can lay hands on the LORD’s anointed and remain unpunished?” Samuel 26:13

God’s Word is clear that Gods anointing is upon us 2 Corinthians…

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