A Church for the Poor, A Call to Radical Love

Let’s not forget the poor. Go out to the Peripheries

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

As I boarded my flight to Atlanta, I began to reflect how I could get rest, catch up on reading, and allow that reflection to better serve our ministry to the community here in South St Petersburg and the Diocese of St Petersburg.   After having an inspiring weekend, it seemed the “Pact of The Catacombs” edited by Xabier Pikaza and Jose’ Atunes da Silva would serve as a good source of reflection.

Although this past week was truly disturbing as we saw again the horrors that result from hate and prejudice in our nation, I was inspired by the great outreach and opportunities to serve those on the peripheries.   From an encouraging dialogue to welcome immigrants and the Spanish speaking community to our parish, to the service of our neighborhood through sharing back to school supplies and clothing vouchers to reaching local teens and offering support and encouragement. This is…

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