We are created for Freedom

This weekend we recall our nations Independence day. We remember that great declaration that proclaims the truth that all are free and posses inalienable rights. Often we misunderstand freedom. Freedom is seen as freedom from something. We see in the weekend freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, free to do as we wish. Some see freedom as the ability to do as they wish without restrictions. Frequently we see altercations of persons interfering with the freedom of others, and more and more there are those voices that cry out as what they perceive government taking away their ”freedoms”.

Freedom is not a license to do as we please disregarding the rights of others, even those who who are unable to stand for themselves , rather Freedom is for not from, that is to say freedom allows us to live and be for others, it gives us the ability to move outward beyond that which binds us. Freedom allows us to become, reaching far beyond our fears, doubts and insecurities that prevent us from seeing the great possibility to reach new horizons.

As women and men of faith it is Christ who has set us free, “ For freedom* Christ set us free; so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.” Galations5:1

In Christ calling and sending His disciples he does so in a spirit of Freedom. He sends them out two by two but in doing so he reminds them not to worry about their livelihood, freedom from worry and attachments frees them to proclaim the kingdom of God. We see in the great works of Jesus’ disciples the fulfillment of Isaiah 66:14, ”  the LORD’s power shall be known to his servants.”Through this freedom God works greatly and powerfully through them, in their excitement and joy Jesus reminds them that their cause for celebration is due to their names being written in heaven, not in what they’ve done. God freely shares His power and ability with His disciples, so to does God share His power and gifts with us for freedom. Let us use the freedom that we have not for what we want for ourselves, but rather let Freedom impel us to move beyond ourselves and impact the lives of those who are bound. Let us stand for freedom for the poor, freedom for the immigrant, freedom for those whose lives are tied down and long to be free. In letting freedom ring from every hill and hamlet freedom becomes hope, letting freedom wring from every mountain and mole hill it gives aspirations for a new better tomorrow. No matter how big or small the challenge let freedom be our guide to be truly the best we can be for others, it is then that we are free indeed.

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