This Holy week, encounter the Passion of Christ in the Suffering!

Encounter Christ in those who suffer

As we embark on this special journey with Christ we cannot enter into Holy Week and not recognize the great suffering in our world. Our celebration begins with the joy and celebration of Christ’s Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. A people who lived under oppression and suffering, under the occupation and brutality of Rome, they saw in Christ hope for tomorrow. The shouts and songs for the anointed, the Messiah coming into the city of peace was cause for fear and concern amongst the powerful. We quickly see this joy transformed to shouts of fear anxiety choosing a murder over the one who cured the sick, healed the lepers, raised the dead and fed the thousands.

In all of this how do we journey through the suffering in our world,nation and local community. As I see the commitment of a Chief of Police tired and worn out by the homicides in our city, yet he finds the time and strength to support our work for justice. The images of war that are to horrific to describe, so many displaced from Ukraine, the suffering in Yemen, Syria and Tigray War in Ethiopia East Africa, which we are not hearing about. The death, violence and division in our own nation is cause for suffering as shootings increase and violence in our streets reminds us more must be done from Cleveland to Sacramento, Covington to Colorado Springs and from Fresno to Miami

We can enter into the mystery of Christ’s suffering to both strengthen us and draw us closer to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. As we lift up our thoughts, we remember in our prayers the suffering, the refugee, the dead and those on the peripheries, we are also called to act and stand for justice and work to transform our community to reflect the true presence of God’s kingdom.

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