Stand For the Sanctity of All Human Life! Respecting the Divine Image

I recall traveling with a group of student Pro- Life activists to Washington DC in 2009 . We flew to Washington to stand for the sanctity of human life. We prayed, we marched, we sang and we joined with thousands to promote Life.

This year as we stand for life and seek the end to Abortion, we must stand for the sanctity of all human life.

Upholding the Dignity of All Human Beings  

This principle has a wide range of potential actions: supporting the missions, doing volunteer work for the poor, visiting a shut-in, caring for an infirm or elderly relative, or extending kind welcome to immigrants,(standing against racism, and racist ideology). Most of us are seldom put in the position of defending someone from kidnapping, rape, or murder; however, if we are, the same principle applies. Many programs have been instituted expressly to support the dignity of some vulnerable group.

Listing every possible example would take too long, but the fundamental idea is simple. Every person deserves to be treated with care and respect. We are obliged, in justice, to work so that everyone may be able to live a life of peace and dignity, with special attention to the suffering and vulnerable, who most need help.”

I would add those on the peripheries of our society. As we seek to protect the unborn we must stand for all lives. As a church we must bear witness to the Truth, that each human person, created in the divine image must matter, must be respected, must be protected and must be treated as equal. All life means just that, All! To often while promoting life, we also pick and choose who really matters. All human beings from the moment they are conceived until reaching that final moment when the Lord calls them home deserve to be respected!

As I think of the dignity of life I am also reminded of the final years and moments of my dear parents. I can remember doing my best that they lived and died in dignity, surrounded by love and true care and respect. Although challenging at times I would place their value and dignity as most important.

I close with this final remembrance. When I was a young pastor I had a small but dynamic youth group. One of the youth became pregnant and so many parishioners condemned her, ostracized her, many outright rejecting her. I can still remember sitting in the chapel meeting with her, her boyfriend and mother. The first thing I did was welcome her and I thanked her for being open to life. In no way would she even think of terminating her pregnancy. To her surprise I believe, she found the loving support and respect she longed for. She found in this encounter the true dignity that she and her unborn child deserved. Let us remember both the unborn and their mothers today, but also all persons who are often rejected, that no matter the circumstance they will be received, welcomed and love and know that they posses the dignity and respect given to them first and foremost by their creator. Let’s stand for the respect of All human life!

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