God is willing to bless your life if you trust him

As I look to to the scriptures this week my heart is moved to a place of deeper trust in God to bless and anoint our lives. In the midst of fear, doubt and despair God has the ability to break through and enter into our lives. Here both Elijah and the widow with her son are blessed. Let’s look at what is happening in their lives that then brings about a break through.

Look at the prophet Elijah, he like other prophets finds himself in the wilderness. He has prophesied that due to the people turning away from the Lord and worshiping other gods, the Lord causes a drought because led by Ahab and Jezebel the had turned away from God. Even though this great hardship is placed upon the people God directs Elijah to go east of the wadi river where He sends ravens to feed him. The drought so severe even the river dries up and the prophet is told to go on further to Zarephath of Sidon, there a widow meets him to feed him. Lets pause here at moment. Notice how through the hardship of the journey Elijah trusts the Lord, follows the Lord’s direction and the Lord provides for him. Elijah is not left alone, but the Lord remains with him and blesses him. The widow is there to be a blessing to Elijah.

The widow and her son are also in despair, ready for their last small meal before death. In the midst of their plight and fear God is able to offer them a blessing and anointing on their lives. God is doing a great work in allowing them to be of service to the Prophet Elijah. Here in their meeting God’s grace and mercy are given to both the Prophet and Widow and their lives are anointed for their future. In the simple request of the prophet there is an invitation to trust. The widow trusts the word spoken over she and her son that their jar of flour would not go empty and their oil would not run dry.

We too find ourselves in the midst of the wilderness often wandering and wondering where God will lead us and how God will bring us through. The word of God this week encourages you and I to first of all trust. Trust that God has our welfare and wellbeing in mind, not only in mind but he is actively working to move us not only through the desert of our lives, but to bring us to a place of anointing and blessing. Trust opens us up to the Lord using even the smallest and most insignificant resources that we might have.

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Both widows, women who have a special relationship with God as part of the Anawim of the Lord, are particularly favored by God. Because of their being on the peripheries of the community, being widowed, orphaned and poor, God has a promise of anointing over their lives, all they need to do is believe and trust. We too are called to see in our small abilities and resources the ability of God to place His favor over our lives. To utilize even the desert journey of our own struggles as an opportunity for blessing and anointing providing for all of our needs journeying into our future. We like the widow must respond with generosity even though it might seem small. Like the widow in the temple, a willingness to give all to the Lord, trusting with confidence that God will provide.

Trust God, be open to His word spoken in your life and watch Him bring about greatness in you!

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