You are Not Alone, Invite others to Christ!

This weekend I believe we are called, rather being challenged to inclusion and welcome in a radical way. Namely that first of all the lives of humans must be regarded with respect and dignity at all phases of life. The sanctity of life is not at one stage, and no longer sacred at another. Stepping away from the politically charged and alternative notions of what lives are sacred but to radically proclaim that all lives must be regarded with deep respect. I was moved as I listened to an old friend and pastor Fr. Emmanuel Williams of the Resurrectionist community. He spoke of a radically call to be prophetic in a world where some mask a narrow view of Pro-Life, while at the same time holding a disdain and hatred for other lives.  Those lives once outside the womb are no longer valued but rather seen as a threat.  Not only a hatred but the systematic attempts to dismiss human beings and invalidate their value as persons and regard them as irrelevant is a threat to the very fabric of our diverse and pluralistic global community. All Are Welcome, All are Valued, All Matter to the Loving God Jesus Christ


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The Vatican announced that Pope Francis sent a letter to bishops in Argentina on 5 September in which he praised a document they had written that said priests could – in some cases – offer the “help of sacraments” to Catholics living in “irregular family situations” as part of a broader effort to support and integrate divorced and remarried Catholics into the life of the church.

 Pope Francis strongly has called on the Roman Catholic Church to welcome divorced and remarried Catholics without making changes to the church’s teachings. The Vatican released the document called “The Joy of Love,” discusses family life for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

This hope and inclusion must begin in our families.   The family no matter the make up must be the first place that children experience love and accept all persons and see them as valuable. In this weekends scriptures we see the value of human persons, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. Human life cannot be disregarded or set aside, and the weak and most vulnerable must experience belonging, acceptance and a true sense of respect.

Married life has as a great gift to the forming of the domestic church. In being the first place for evangelization, that invites the poor, the weak and innocent. The children are a reminder of the great love that Christ has for the least amongst us. They too must be welcomed and invited into the loving embrace of Christ. In the midst of intolerance, division and disregard like Christ we say ”NO!” No to exclusion, No to being dispensable, No, to being unwanted and unwelcome. We like Christ embrace those who are rejected, we include those seemingly insignificant and we are radically prophetic to reject falsehood, and seek the good and wellbeing of All. Let no one feel alone and unloved, let us breach the barriers with painful truth and sustaining love. It is here that the church becomes even more relevant in the lives of the lost and forgotten.

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  1. Right on Stephan. You picked up on Francis’ invitation to retire amd. E welcomes back to the community. As we know so, so many groups del cut off from the church.
    It is up to you and me and those who are like minded to speak out in defense of all who feel UNWELCOME. It is up to us with our missionary very alive and prompting us to not be shy, timid, od afraid of what the consequences may be. If not us, who? If not now, when’
    You inspire me my brother. Blessings, Dennis

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