Let the Power of the Holy Spirit Burn in Your Hearts. A Pentecostal People must be a People of Hope, Power and Action

We are called to live in the Power of the Holy Spirit What kind of power is this?  This Power is God Him Self.  For the Holy Spirit is the third Person Trinity.  In the Holy Spirit we see ability over all that we find overwhelming and challenging,    When we look upon our lives, the past challenges of a year in a Pandemic, to the constant murder of African Americans in our street by police as well as our own Black on Black violence that plagues our community. to our very questions about what the future holds.  The Power of the Holy Spirit is able to strengthen us to lead us through all that we face and encounter.   All that life toss at us can seem to consume us and tear us down, tear us apart and destroy our very spirit and desire to live. But today is a day of Hope and Power that comes from the consuming power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit seeks to build us up and give us the power and grace to be transformed. What seems to destroy us and keep us down, through the Holy Spirit, can all be transformed for God’s glory and our good.

Being a Pentecostal People and A Pentecostal Church, we are called as Catholics to embrace, and allow this very power that gave birth to the Church to be our source of strength to truly be a Pentecostal Church today. That is a Church that truly Allows the Pentecost Event to be a source for continual renewal in our lives and our church. For it is through Pentecost that the Promise of Christ is realized and fulfilled. Jesus promises that he will not leave us alone, we are not being left to fend for ourselves, but rather we are being empowered for self actualization and to be agents for the transformation of our world and society to truly be the kingdom of God. This great gift of Pentecost requires the openness of heart and mind to receive. Receiving the Spirit of God is to receive the great power of love shared between the Father and the Son given for the Church to be sent to bring hope to a broken and hurting world.

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“the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, generosity,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
Against such there is no law.”

Seeking to live within the grace of these fruits, the Spirit then becomes the great force within our lives that moves us out of ourselves, our own self centeredness to seeing the greatness that comes from living, loving and seeking to good of others. If we examine that which is not of the Spirit it’s focus is on self. What we can get out of everything for our enjoyment, our satisfaction, it is centered on our pleasure and wants. But the person living in the Spirit finds in giving one’s self away in loving generosity to others life has meaning and is fulfilling in its pursuit of the good for the other. This is why we are encouraged not to gaze at ourselves, and make ourselves the focus, but rather to see in the needs of the “other” the very ability to live and respond in as a Pentecostal person living and moving through the grace and power of the Spirit of God is the Lord’s gift to us and our gift to the world. Let the Power of the Holy Spirit Burn in Your Hearts. A Pentecostal People must be a People of Hope, Power and Action!

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