Changing The Pharaoh Narrative Justice is required,

This message deserves a re-read. speaking to our world today

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

pharaohPharaoh’s narrative is the powerful extract wealth from the vulnerable by means of cheap labor that are legal (the powerful make the laws!) and that the powerful consider normal and moral. Those that are left behind are left behind because of their own inadequacy or inability. The cycle of Pharaoh’s narrative is: anxiety, scarcity, accumulation, ending in violence.
The narrative is introduced in Genesis when Pharaoh with the help of Joseph, in response to the coming famine, starts to store away food which later, during the famine is sold back to the people, including the Israelites. It is sold first for money, then in exchange for property and land (means of production), and finally in exchange for their enslavement. The Pharaoh is never named in scripture. As Brueggemann states, “if you see one Pharoah, you’ve seen them all.” Pharaoh is a cipher, an icon.

This narrative is the basis for…

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