Resurrection is Our Hope. Believe! You too Shall Rise!

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This Holy Week and Easter is cause for Hope in the midst of pain and suffering. The Resurrection gives us hope for tomorrow. The celebration of the Tridium is the font of our Hope and the Summit of our lives.

It seems that life has brought for humanity darkness and pain. To often we’ve seen joy broken and tragedy has led to hopelessness. We are desperate to see Jesus moving in our lives. The passion, death and resurrection has the power to revive us again. This Holy Week and Easter resurrection has a new way and a new power. You see it revives us and calls us to see the Risen Lord in a new way and a new light. You see laughter conquers tears, and strength rises in the living power of the resurrection.

How often can we recall those that we’ve encountered or even our very selves without hope. Lost in sadness and pain as our life just isn’t the way we believe it should be. So often we are just tired, tired of pain, tired of disappointment, tired of living in darkness and not knowing our future. We need the celebration of Easter in a new way. Life seemingly has taken it’s toll on us. Day in and day out in the midst of the struggles and pain we seek the light and hope that newness of life can bring.

The newness of life comes to us if we are willing to receive and experience it anew. You see the hope of the resurrection has the ability to revive us as we receive the Spirit of God as a rushing wind that propels us into power. Resurrection Power not only revives but it restores and rejuvenates. Our celebration is one that moves us to remember the greatness of God and that greatness manifest in our lives. To often we focus on the pain, darkness and setbacks, that we’ve forgotten the great things that God has brought about in our lives. When we remember the great things God has done we are able to recognize that God has great things instore for us. One thing is for sure, God is consistent and steadfast.

Experiencing and entering into the scriptures in a new way and an open heart can allow God to speak to us anew. In the Gospel of John Mary Magdala arrives at the tomb or our Lord in the midst of darkness. The darkness of her life due to her grief is also a factor, she is confused, lost and wondering what has happened. Even in the midst of her darkness she is able to run to return and be the first to proclaim the message of the empty tomb. Her wonder and witness impels Peter and the Beloved Disciples to run to the tomb, and in doing so they too now encounter the empty place where their master and friend was laid. The transformative moment is when the disciples that Jesus loved looks in he “sees and believes.”

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1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts revere Christ as LORD. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

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