Listening from the Mountain Top.

The Mountain Top Experience

This weekend we recall the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain top. This is a truly awesome transforming moment for the disciples and close friends of Jesus. The mountain top experience gives a clear picture of the awesomeness of Jesus and His fulfillment of prophesy with Elijah and Moses standing with Him.

Today is also an important moment in my life and that of my family. It is a day that has changed our lives and set a new path and direction for each of us. It is now a year to the date that our mother Mrs Joyce Burton- Brown died and was transformed to eternal life in Christ. Our mother was the binding force of our family. She celebrated the life and milestones of each of us, not only her children but many of you sharing in this message.

This personal story has the power to change my life and those who knew my mother. But, the Transfiguration is a source of strength and light to lift us from despair to a life filled with purpose and hope. In the Gospel today the disciples of Jesus are astounded by what they see, there is fear and joy at the same time. There is also on the part of Peter to remain on the mountain. To remain in this powerful moment and abide in its ability to impart awe and wonder. We like Peter often want these powerful moments not to end. After the conversation between the prophet Elijah and Moses a voice is spoken to the disciples and to us. “This is my beloved Son Listen to Him”. We are called to listen to Jesus. To often we listen to other voices, even voices that conflict with Christ’s message. This instruction is for us too. We need to enter into mountain top experiences, like Peter and allow Christ to profoundly speak to us, transforming our lives for His glory and strengthened by His power.

Jesus also instructs those present not to say anything, to keep it to themselves. We see Jesus in other moments give this order, in healing the blind and leper, as well as the demons. But here the Apostles obey Jesus because the fullness of the truth of Jesus will be made known after the resurrection. You to get to the fulfillment of His purpose and the fullness of the message of who Jesus is requires a journey through the valley. He has to walk to Jerusalem in order that the purpose for which he had come from the Father might be fulfilled.

We also have mountain top experiences, like Peter, James and John, whether it be in this pinnacle moment of celebrating weekly Eucharist, or whether it be recalling the life of a phenomenal women Like my mother, Joyce Brown. The mountain top experience is meant to empower, brings clarity and becomes the platform from which we step into the next phase of our future. Like for Jesus the transfiguration was not his end point, it was a moment in the life of his journey that opened the way to the coming power of resurrection.

Allow our mountain top experience to be that guiding light leading us forward. As we stood by our mother’s grave we knew that we could not remain there, we understand that we had work to do, we recognized that because of the faith that she and our father had we must move forward into our own valleys. Each of us embracing our own crosses, while at the same time encouraged and assured that we don’t journey alone. The grace of our loving God and that of our ancestors, mother and father, grandparents, family and friends lift us up and our a great witness to God’s ability to change and transform all our lives for His ultimate glory.

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