To whom shall we Go? You have the Words of Everlasting Life.

please do a re-read and ask. Where am I today?

Saint Joseph Catholic Church


Often we find ourselves wondering which way to turn.  Life and all its challenges cause us to seek and to search for something.  Something greater than us, something beyond our abilities is needed in the midst of wandering and wondering what to do next.  When the Lord calls us and challenges us to accept things that are beyond our comprehension we are too often quick to walk away, to run away.  If it’s not what I think, if it isn’t my way, if what Christ is calling me to accept goes against my understanding we are jolted and we bolt.

It isn’t always easy doing what the Spirit says do.   I recall a great religious woman, Sr. Antonia Ebo, Sr. Antonia was a wise women and activist and marching and standing for civil rights.   You would think this women who marched along Martin Luther King would always see…

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