Waiting, Watching in Hope. God is doing Great things in our Lives!

A New time, a New Season, A New Hope!

This year we are entering into a year of great hope and blessing. The first Sunday of Advent marks a new liturgical Year. Advent reminds us that we are a People that remain hopeful that God is able to do great things in our lives. We watch, we wait and we are living in hope that through the darkness and pain that we’ve journeyed through God has the ability to transcend and transform our dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows.

We are an Advent people. Throughout the year and through out our lives Advent is a constant that we always look for the day when the Lord will return. This waiting and watching in hope is not a passive sitting back and doing nothing, rather it is a waiting in anticipation for great things to happen that transform us for God to do great things in our lives.

This week I was learning about the great work God is doing through the vocation and life commitment of Dr. Monica Brown-Jones. Her commitment to medicine and women’s health reminds me of the hope we have as an Advent people. Her commitment to research, healing and opening possibilities for life are what we are called to do and be about as a Catholic Advent people. Take a look at her work.

A Catholic Women Dedicated to Life. A truly Pro-Life Catholic.

You see the joy that a woman experiences when she has news of the conception of new life developing within her is the hope and joy that we experience during Advent. The preparation for that new child, the details of the care of the child and mother, making sure that life is fostered and for those who have challenges to bring forth life, assisting them in making it a possibility, this is hope. This is what we do as church during the Advent season. We actively engage in reaching out and doing what we can to be agents of hope for those in need.

We must be a church that advocates for hope in the midst of the challenges that we face in life. That through our commitment to our faith and the hope of Christian belief that Christ is coming to restore all of creation and unite us ultimately with the creator. This hope and promise is available for us here and now. The powerful message of the prophet Isaiah speaks to our hearts and offers hope.

“No ear has ever heard, no eye ever seen, any God but you
doing such deeds for those who wait for him.
Would that you might meet us doing right,
that we were mindful of you in our ways!”

In our lives God is doing such great deeds, let us open our hearts to his ability to use us for greatness. This week God used us to bless so many in our neighborhood as they sought assistance for Thanksgiving, that during such challenging times, when people find themselves in need, God uses us to bless them. We’ve provided thanksgiving baskets for over 120 families. Seeing the joy in their eyes knowing that they will have a meal to gather around and give thanks to God for His mighty deeds done in their lives as we continue to watch and wait for God to pour forth His blessings upon our world.

So in the words our Lord ““Be watchful! Be alert!” be busy about the work of the kingdom in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who don’t know His power and ability over their Lives.

A Blessed Advent Season

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