Allow the works of God to be made visible through your life!

” The anointing, The anointing, The anointing makes a difference in your life.”

The scriptures speak directly to us this weekend. The planet earth is in a pandemic crisis. Sickness and death seems to be all we hear about. We are scattering to distance ourselves from one another and hold on till it passes. Many are self quarantined if they have been traveling or in contact with those infected, however, today we turn to that familiar place, namely the presence of our God who created and loves us. We need to listen to God’s word to remind us that we have not been abandoned.  In in through  Him we find hope and life in crisis.   God desires to use our lives to show forth His working and majesty.

We face something far greater than we’ve seen in our life time.   Our hope and strength through this time must come from a deep desire to be united with Christ.   Let us dedicate our lives to prayer and sacrifice.  We pour ourselves out in union with the suffering Christ this Lenten Season.

We turn to the anointing of David.   The one that they  would have never expected nor saw potential, God chooses to anoint David, the one who was ruddy .  From the shoot of Jesse truly a bud blossoms in David.   In David’s anointing we first see that God does not see as we see nor we as He does.

“Not as man sees does God see,
because man sees the appearance.”but the LORD looks into the heart.””

God sees great potential in the least amongst us.  In an unexpected way God’s anointing will bring forth a mighty breakthrough for His glory and majesty.   God will transform our pain and suffering, our fear and anxiety to ulimately His glory.

In the healing of the man born blind we see God’s glory made manifest.   A man who had been blind from birth and restored by Jesus is interrogated and condemned because he recognizes that Jesus is the one that gave him sight.  Jesus did not restore sight, he gave sight where there was darkness and blindness.   Jesus sees the blind man and immediately the disciples ask who sin has caused this.   Jesus says it is not sin, but rather and opportunity for Him to bring light and for God to be glorified.

Let us turn to our faith at this time, recognizing that Jesus is capable of doing the impossible.  We are called to act in faith as well as with prudence entrusting the crisis ultimately to God.  We can remain in fear, but move deeper to faith.   With this we will focus on prayer.  Daily Eucharistic Adoration.   Church available for prayer every day.   Come to the Church and pour out your heart to Jesus and let us ask that He heal and restore a world that is lost in fear and confusion.   Jesus  can be our light and His loving grace anointing us through the trials we face.   Let us look up and see in Him to power to transform these dark days into bright tomorrows.   That in the midst of our rain, the sun will shine and the clouds will clear.    Find solace and strength in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is our healer and hope.


One thought on “Allow the works of God to be made visible through your life!

  1. THANK YOU FR BROWN FOR GIVING us a beautiful BI-Lingual Mass today. From the music to your words, a comfort feeling was had!

    Stay the course, stay well n PLEASE take good care of yourself. We all need you n your strengths.

    See you in church SOMEDAY soon, We pray! 🙏😍

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