called to be a Missionary Disciple –  Contagious with my Christianity

catechetical-sunday-2017-clip-art-web-posterIn times like these we need to remember that God cares for us this knowledge helps us develop a vibrant spiritual life, – to know that I know this is an inside out job from deep within driving straight to the heart of the matter

* We need the wisdom of God to fill us – when we trust in God – we shall live.  We stretch forth our hands in obedience – to our rock – our stronghold.
Jesus leads and guides us – and blesses us in all that we do – we are not ashamed
* This is an authentic, responsible, honest and real expression of our desire
to be Just and True… -tag line – I Am Blessed – to Be – a Blessing

God’ word is relevant and practical
* The Word of God is sound and written on our hearts – We can rejoice in it, –
* God expands and enlarges our horizons and we can obtain greater gifts.
* We are blessed – with an intimate understanding – of God’s word. –
*The promises of our God are true. – His love for us will never fail or fall short
* His favor rests upon us – and – our path is made clear and certain. –

Let the words my mouth be acceptable in your sight – I want to walk blameless –
In the 1st Reading; Sir. 15: 15-20; – The prophet challenges us to be responsible.
Use your self-determination – choose to do good. – That’s Human freedom
This means that we can choose good and avoid evil / wickedness.
This world is in a bad state – and it is people who made it that way.
Changing the world is an inside out job – driving to the heart of the matter
those who choose good seek life – those who choose evil embrace death
The world is changing, constantly, for better or for worse
If you get the man / women right you get the world right. – (moral, just, good)
The destiny of the world is wrapped up in this deeply personal quest
let the Word be your guide –
The second reading; 1 Cor. 2: 6-10; Paul is calling them and us back to the Word to the unity and integrity of the life we had chosen as Christians –
Paul speaks of a wisdom not of this age. – It is a wisdom put on a higher level
That wisdom is the insight of faith, which may help us to make the right
decisions in life.  He reminds them and us to have our vision firmly fixed on the fulfillment of  God’s promises in the glory of the kingdom.
In The Gospel Matthew 5: 38-48; Jesus challenges us to love our enemies
It’s a call to Holiness – Jesus did not come to do away with the law,  He came to reinterpret it and raise it to a different level. – Jesus stresses
Pay attention not just to what is actually done, but also to the inner motive
It is this inner motive that constitutes our conversion to God.  Christ laid a totally new foundation for human life and behavior. The Christian is to be like Christ, his behavior is to be in accord with this reality.The new law of Christ – is a new way of looking at all facets of human life. This looks first to the person’s identity as a member of the kingdom of God,and then speaks of what we must do because of who we are. You are God’s people, therefore you must act in accord with what you are, namely God’s People..

Deacon Doug Johnson,  Revivalist Preacher.

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  1. Dear Father Stephan,
    The Mass attendance for the 5 PM Saturday Mass for February, 2020 so far is:
    February 1 = 31
    February 8 = 46
    February 15 = 61

    My brother, Tom, always does a count and keeps a record of it.

    Have a nice day, Father.

    Sister Mary Ann

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