Share In the Divine Life!

well done good & faithful servant - baptism  We have come from the manger to following the new star and now find ourselves at the River Jordan.  As we draw a close to the Christmas Season we are at the waters of rebirth by the power of the Holy Spirit.   Jesus although, not in need of Baptism, opens for us a means to grace and entering into the Divine Life, that all those washed in the waters of Baptism become a new creation in Jesus Christ, namely we are born again.

Through Baptism we share in the Divine Life with Jesus Christ.  We are reborn as part of his Mystical Body and gifted with the grace of God’s love. Baptism lays the foundation for every other sacrament we are to receive and inextricably brings us into that Divine Life.

So to be a Christian and being baptized into the Divine Life,  is more than being a good person, it is more than being nice to others, and doing great things in the world.    Often  people believe if I do the right thing it is enough, or to imitate Jesus.   Through Baptism we share in the relationship with Jesus Christ to the Father through adoption.   Thus Baptism brings us into the Divine life with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.      Baptism is all about breaking through to the Divine grace working in and through our lives.

Our lives are woven in union with Christ.   A relationship model after the Holy Trinity, namely the love between the Father and the Son, is the power of the Holy Spirit.  We too are then called to live in love with God through His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit enabling us to live the love of God sharing that divine life with those we encounter.  Through baptized Christians the very power of God is active in our world, Christ uses our hands, our faith, our strength to go forth and to continue to shape our world to reflect the  King of God, sharing and living boldly the love of God thorough Jesus His Son.     We are united intrinsically to Christ in our relationship to God and sent out to serve others.   Christians Baptized and empowered through to God’s grace are able to do great things in the name of Jesus Christ and by the strength of His grace.

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