Proclaim Good News For All The People!

angel_said_luke_0“Singing Glory be to Jesus, Son of God and Prince of Peace He’s Mighty Alpha and Omega, Born in our Hearts at Christmas time”

This evening as we celebrate the birth of the Savior it is truly cause for great joy.  A message to be proclaimed to all of the people.   As we look to this great message proclaimed by the angel what strikes me is first to whom the message was first sent.    What we see in this telling of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is that he comes in simplicity and in poverty.

Like the Wise men that will come from the East we would expect a King to be born in a palace and clothed with the finest of linens surrounded by all of the pomp and pageantry.   It is clear that God comes to us and to all but, he comes in the lowliest form taking on our image and likeness and born into poverty.    He who is the Word made flesh, and the splendor of the Father.   He who is wonder counselor and prince of peace, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, He enters into our world impoverished, meek and mild.

We see God taking this option to identify with the poor and simple, the powerless.   We as Church as we have already said so many times before must be a Church that stand on the peripheries with the poor, the marginalized and suffering.   In our apostolic work, our evangelization we must go to those most in need and share the Good News that is proclaimed to us tonight.

This Good News is hope for our world today, right NOW!   So many are deterred and lost.  The truth is seen as lies and lies are called truths.  People seem to have lost the fortitude to stand for righteousness and the walk goodness and dignity.  Our Christmas celebration and message of Joy, is one that must call our Church, our society, nation and world to not only hear but to respond to the message that is for All people!   God is with us, we have not been left alone.   Proclaim to Good News to All People, for today is born anew in hearts a Savior, Christ the Lord.

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