Take Your Faith and Treat it like a Seed. Sow into Your Future!

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More and more it seems that there are those who are seeking faith in one form or another. When tragedy and hardship hits them and nothing seems possible many will often turn to faith. Faith becomes the only place to turn to when life and its circumstances are completely out of our control and ability to solve and address the problem. We seek faith when we say “if I only had a little more faith”, or if we say “if I just believe harder” everything will turn out fine. What we learn to today is that all the faith that we really need has already been given to us. Even with what might seem to be a small amount of faith our lives can transform our world.

This week we remember a simple man whose faith has impacted the world in a profound way. Having lived a life centered on self, prestige and power, after having an encounter with Christ this man’s life changed. Not only did he impact the lives of those around him, who sought him and chose to follow his radical way of life, but he eventually strongly impacted the world.

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Brother Francis of Assisi Pray for Us!

Our Brother Francis’ life is an example of faith truly alive, fully and totally dependent on God and in relationship with all of creation. Seeing in God’s creation a unity and common origin thus calling us deeply to respect all of God’s creation. This is a small simply faith impacting and shaping the world. Seeing in the poor, the sick, the dying those on the peripheries the presence of God.

In the Gospel this week we see Jesus’ disciples approaching Jesus and asking Him to increase their faith. Jesus response astonishes them. Jesus says even the tiniest, the smallest amount of faith is strong enough to uproot a mulberry tree. The faith the size of a mustard seed. What seems clear is not so much the amount of faith that we have but rather what we do with our faith. We need to treat our faith like a seed and sow it.

Jesus invites us to take our faith and treat it like a seed. The mustard seed being the smallest of seeds when planted grows into a bush or tree where birds of the air can build their nests. This simple but powerful image of faith is a call to each of us to begin doing something with the small faith that we might have.

Our reflection this week is about sowing into our future. Like Francis, God has so much he desires to use us for. Sowing into our future requires a desire to step out and to trust in God to produce the increase, to use and shape and mold, to bring about the greatness He has in us. The mustard seed as a seed seems small an unable to do much. But when it is planted, when it enters the earth and is transformed it is reshaped and stretched and grows in something great.

My sisters and brothers our faith can do this. When emptying ourselves and stepping out of our security to trusting in God it is then that the planting begins. That trust and decision to step out is breaking of fallow ground. The prophet Hosea tells us, “

Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12

This spiritual rain is now ready to receive the seed of your life and trust in God to bring about a great harvest. God is so readying us to sow our seed into our future for the greatness He has instore for us. The greatness that God brings about in us is not for us alone, but rather and more importantly the greatness is for God and for building up others.

So often we become embolden, and self promoting that we forget even with all the greatness we accomplish it is all God. Look at what we here Jesus say to us.

When you have done all you have been commanded,
say, ‘We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.'”

This is the humility that opens to true possibility of God working in a mighty way into our future. It’s all of Him, all about Him and all about what he desires to do, even though we maybe stepping into our future as we plant seeds of faith it’s not about us. Let that sink in for a moment. Your faith, your planting a seed for your future and stepping into your future is all about God, and how he wishes to use you. Your reputation, don’t worry about it, God’s got you, your family, your husband, your child, your business your career. God is holding it. Every time you worry about ‘You and what you got, you loose out on the blessing and the greatness God has for you. When you empty yourself, like the seed and die to your will and your way and controlling everything about your life. You want to control your marriage, your children, Your job, your family, every movement in your life, you loose because you are not stepping in faith. Your stepping and trusting in your own abilities. Stop worrying, trust in God, take your faith, treat it like a seed and STEP INTO YOUR FUTURE. God already knows what it is and how He will bring about a great harvest in your life.

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Here at St. Joseph Catholic Church we are sowing into our future. As we continue to welcome those who have no home, no place no sense of belonging we are planting our seed. We welcome immigrants, and the unwanted and these seeds of faith open us to a future filled with hope. When we become less about what we want and more about how we can help others it is then that God makes a step to move us to that next stage of greatness. Go out there and Plant Your Seeds of Faith into Your Future!

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