Let’s Live For Others!

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The more I reflect on God’s action in our lives the clearer that God calls our lives to live for others.  To often people lives their lives to find ways to hustle, and get what they can to make a profit by any means.   For many today the result of our actions on others is of little importance or concern as long as we find the greatest return on our investment not matter the means nor the consequence.  The single desire to make more no matter the cost . The prophet Amos calls the people to justice.  To act and denounce injustice “We will diminish the ephah, add to the shekel, and fix our scales for cheating! We will buy the lowly for silver, and the poor for a pair of sandals; even the refuse of the wheat we will sell!”
Amos stands and speaks against injustice and he stands with those on the peripheries, the marginalized and the oppressed.  Those who have little to nothing as a result of the powerful.

Today’s Gospel from Luke we find a servant who has squandered his masters money. He has been irresponsible and has to now give an account. In order to protect his own interests he has his masters debtors adjust their debt in order that he might farewell with them. This is a irresponsible manipulative servant. You see what he fails to recognize is that our lives must be lived for others.

We have been entrusted with much, we are called to be good stewards not only with what is entrusted to us, but we are also called to act in justice as we learn from the Prophet Amos. God is not a deal maker he requires righteous regard for our neighbor, namely seek justice on their behalf. Many are voiceless we must be a voice for them, Many live in the shadows and on the peripheries and cannot stand for themselves, we must stand up for them. Many do not have access to the systems that continue to foster unjust policies and practices, we must confront these policies and practices and seek to change them. The Kingdom of God is very much in our midst and we must bear witness to God’s Power at work in the world and we must live our lives for others!

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