Called to Be an Easter People. A People of Joy who Courageously Live the Gospel

i-asked-jesus-black-art-print-poster-christ-religiousThis week we celebrate the great Easter event, the Rising of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the dead.   Easter is often marked by new Easter Hats and Easter Dresses, New Suits and new shoes.  Folk come out in their “Easter” bests.  The Easter Egg hunts with Colored Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies, to the Easter Bunny himself.

But the real question is, what does it mean for us to be an Easter People?”  A people that find in the resurrection of Jesus great power.   Looking at the accounts of the resurrection something is consistent in each account of the four Gospel.   People get busy, there is running, telling, emotion and wonder at the report of the empty tomb.  On experiencing the empty tomb the women who are the first to witness the resurrection do this:  “they returned from the tomb
and announced all these things to the eleven
and to all the others.The women were Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James;the others who accompanied them also told this to the apostles,”

Watch what Peter does, in the midst of the unbelief, “Peter got up and ran to the tomb,
bent down, and saw the burial cloths alone; then he went home amazed at what had happened.”

The resurrection of Jesus impels us to courageously live the Gospel by sharing the Good News of God’s power and action in our world.   To be an Easter People we must be a people that proclaims the Good News of Jesus’ Power and Resurrection.  We ought not be surprised at the unbelief of some, of the discouragement of others.  The women experienced the same thing.  But rather we must tell our experience of the resurrected Lord.  A Christian who has grown in their faith and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can’t but help to share it.   Share his love and power in their lives.

Courageously Living the Gospel is more than simply going through the motions or just dressing up for an Easter Fashion show, but rather there is an amazement and wonder of what God is doing in our life and the life of the world.   In the face of what might seem death and destruction the true Christian, an Easter person, sees and knows the power of God to over come.

The world was saddened this week as we watched the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame burn in France, an icon of Faith around the world, and identity of the French people.  What struck me was the faith of those who gathered who sang and prayed.  The priests who saved the relics and Blessed Sacrament showed lively faith in the face of tragedy.

Bringing it down home, the witness last weekend of our men’s retreat where 20 men came together in prayer, faith and put aside their busy lives of work, wives and family to come together and grow in their faith and experience the power of Christ through Praise and Worship, Eucharist, Prayer, Scripture and Adoration.  What a powerful moment that encouraged the men of St. Joseph and St. Peter Claver and St. Mark the Evangelist to become Adult Men of Faith who turn all things of their daily life over to Jesus.

If we look around us and deep into our very selves as we celebrate the joy of Easter we might find a renewed desire to share the Good News, and new enthusiasm like Peter to go and run and tell others about Jesus’ power and ability that can come into their lives.   There is hope in being an Easter People, there is Power in Courageously Living the Gospel.   The world become more a reflection of the presence of the Kingdom of God when Christian women and men step up and allow their love of Jesus to impel them to share the message of Easter.

Christ is truly Risen, He is Alive not dead, He gives  hope for a world of Peace, Justice and dignity for all.

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