Second Sunday of Lent/St Patrick Day, God will transform our Lives For Greatness. So Courageously Live the Gospel! Patrick from Slave To Missionary Priest

St PatrickThis weekend in the midst our Lenten journey we are remembering God’s Servant Patrick. Often we don’t know much about Patrick.  He was from Scotland and and was kidnapped and became a salve in Ireland and was imprissoned tending the sheep and pigs. The experience moved him to faith and he eventually stowed his way to Britain. After becoming a priest he had a vision that called him to return to Ireland to speak to them about God.   What a powerful witness returning to share the love of God with the very people who had enslaved him.

As we look at Patrick a man taken from his land, enslaved, escapes and then returns we see in the Scriputres that God called Abram. In calling Abram he makes a covenant with him. A promise too that he would bless Abram with greatness and the blessing of Abram would expand to provide for his people.

As God called Abram and Patrick to set out to be formative in the transformation of their peoples context and enter into the blessings that God had for them, we see that when God calls he not only blesses but he has our good in mind and is providing for our need.  What is required is an openness to listen to God speak to us, through the inkling of the heart, to the power of His Word, but God does speak to us if we just listen to Him.

The Gospel today is the Transfiguration where Jesus has invited his Diciples to a transformative experience. Not for them to remain on the mountain, but to equip them to journey in the valley. The call or invitation is not just to the mountain experience but to sustain them to the journey to Calvary, through a profound listening and acting on how Christ directs and guides them.

We must find in our prayer and our worship, our celebration of Eucharist the mountain top experience to sustain us through our valley each day. We walk with Jesus and more importantly he walks with us to encourage us through our hardships and challenges.

The ability to flourish past the death of a loved one can only come from Jesus walking with us. For our walk through pain, illness or suffering the mountain top here is your source of power to transform your and my life.  To move from addiction and self destruction it is through a Listening with the heart as St. Benedict say.  “Listen with the ear of the heart.”

Happy St Patrick day. The man that was taken from Slavery to become a great missionary prays for us and supports us on our journey


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