Don’t Worry, Do not Fear,You are God’s Anointed!

anointed  Life presents us with challenges each day.  From the day to day drudgeries, to the life’s most challenging moments, to simply the other persons we encounter,  we wonder what they might say or do.   We worry and are afraid about what life holds.   In our wonder and fear we often approach life just wishing things will turn out right.  We are called not to see life as a guessing game, nor a something to simply make through and get by.   Today in our scriptures we are reminded of the power and direction God has on and over our lives, and that one cannot lay a hand on God’s anointed. “Do not harm him, for who can lay hands on the LORD’s anointed and remain unpunished?” 1 Samuel 26:7

From our vary Baptism God has placed His anointing on our lives.  We were reminded this past week that we are “Magnificent” and that God’s DNA is in us.  To often our actions an attitude clearly show that we’ve forgotten who and whose we are.  I want to encourage you not only to name and claim that you are God’s anointed, but to call upon yourself the very Spirit of God in who we’ve been anointed.   This is what it means to live in your anointing.

We have an old saying,  “you need to recognize”.   We need to recognize that we too are God’s anointed and that God has placed an ability and purpose over our lives.   For we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.  How many of us really know and understand that we have become the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ?

“For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him”  2:Corinthians 5:21

The way of righteousness we here in the Gospel today.   If someone mistreats us, curses us or even strikes us we are called to love them, bless them, and turn the other cheek.   You might be saying, “naw I ain’t doing that”.   You see to live in the anointing and walk in righteousness requires that we not live as the world would have, not to respond with revenge but with love.   There is a profound message of selfless love and self giving that is required of the one who lives in the anointing and who claims to be the “Righteousness of God” in Jesus Christ.   Right living and relationship with others and with our God costs, the cost is to love, to give, to share and be willing to give our lives for others.   To live and share the very mercy that we receive from God.


Now, the final part of the this message shakes us up.   To often we see a person, we size them up, we pass judgement on them and then right them off.  We condemn them not truly knowing them, they are cast out and we do nothing to reach out to them.   God’s call to righteousness goes even deeper.  We are called to forgive and to give.   And when we do this we see the great generosity pour forth over our lives.

Jesus say: “Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Give, and gifts will be given to you;
a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing,
will be poured into your lap.”

God so desires to give to us and bless us and pour out his abundance upon us.  But the measure in which we measure will be measured back to us.   If we give little, expect little in return, but if we give, and are generous the Gospel says, first “Good Measure”  God will return goodness to us and it will surpass what we have given.  It is packed down, and if that’s not enough, it’s shaken down, so much so that God’s blessings overflow into our lap.   WOW, now that’s a blessing.

Remember the Anointing of God is on your life.  This anointing will bring each of us to greatness, but not for our edification but rather for the glory and praise of God.  The God who created us with His DNA, so that we might be like Him.   In His image and likeness we go forth to share the love and power of God that we have received in our lives with others.   Often time due to the circumstances and situations that befall us we forget who we are, the light of the anointing has gone dim, and for some seemingly blown out.   We must call forth and cause others to “recognize” that the anointing of God is in and on their life.   The Anointing of God, Proceeds Us, Prepares Us and Propels US into Greatness!

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