Through Baptism God has “called you for the victory of justice,”

jesus-baptism-by-john-woonbo-kim-ki-chang  This week we end our Christmas Season with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  We see the great power and ability in the life of Jesus and also for our lives who are baptized.

Jesus, the Son of the Living God, the one who the prophets foretold comes with great power to transform a world plagued by injustice and to bring forth justice for the oppressed and liberty to those captive.   The Scriptures speak to us of the truth of who Jesus is and how he brings forth power to transform our world and our very lives.   The God of Love gives us power by liberating us from that which binds and keeps us back from experiencing the fullness of His grace, power and mercy.   Isaiah reminds us that Jesus has come to  “open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from confinement,
and from the dungeon, those who live in darkness.”

Now is a time where we need to be encouraged and strengthened by this great Feast of the Baptism of Jesus.   The celebration of Christmas warms our hearts and gives us peace as we see the Christ Child and the Holy Family on that so Silent of Nights.   But the Feast of the Baptism by John brings us to the very power for and by which Christ came.   As we hear the  clear confirmation given to Jesus,  “You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”   Jesus the beloved Son of the One God is made manifest to us.  It is here that all that is, was and will be culminates.  Here as the Kingdom of God breaks forth a kingdom of justice and peace.

We are given this opportunity to renew and be strengthened in our own Baptism.  We recall that we too have been Baptized into Jesus Christ as priest, prophet and king.  We are centered on prayer that brings us into a deep and real connection with God who created us for Him, and we are called to go forth and proclaim the good news of His love.  With a courage that comes from this empowerment that we can live God’s Gospel of Love.  Courageously Living The Gospel is core to each Baptized Christians call having become a new creation in Christ.

We live the Gospel message and baptismal witness within the context of Christian community.  Women and men coming together seeking to live our lives giving witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We live it and celebrate the life in Christ as a parish family.   In living, loving and witnessing the Gospel to one another, we become a sign of hope to those around us.  Those who see and experience our faith in Christ through our bearing witness to Christ in service and reaching out to the community in need.   Those who feel unloved, unwelcomed in our community find in us a place where they too can experience Christ’s love and grace.    Let the power of Baptism call forth victory for our lives in all areas so that the Love of God in Jesus Christ might be experienced and truly known by all.

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