Power Comes Through Poverty in a Manger

Christmas     This week we  have come to the Manger, a stable in the midst of Poverty and here we find the very source of Power.    As we celebrate Christmas the Birth of the Savior it is in the most unlikely place that one would expect and seek to encounter the very source of Power.   God’s power is completely different and comes in ways one would not expect.

The Scriptures unfold the true Power of God that came to us in the Birth of the Son of God, and the Power that is also available for our lives.  We gather in the midst of the Midnight Hour, that is in the darkest moment of the night, for in the midst of darkness a light shines forth that the darkness cannot overcome.

The darkness of evil, hatred, ignorance and discouragement, disillusionment doubt is wiped away.  The Power of this night gives way to unspeakable, abundant Joy.   The Joy of the Harvest, the Joy of liberation from all that binds.   Tonight for those captive to the darkness of abuse, misuse, addiction, self-destruction, prejudice and hatred all is overpowered by the Power of God breaking forth into our poverty and the darkness of our lives.

The child who is “Wonder-Counselor”,   Counsel from a baby your might ask, how does one beginning life offer council?, or a child as God-Hero, not able to stand nor speak a word, not able to fight a battle, how is going to do that?. Father-Forever, Prince of Peace.”  Huge titles for a baby born in a seemingly simple and powerless place.   This seems unreal how does all this come from the Poverty of the Manger.   But from this poverty and Manger the very creator of all that is and has come into being has its origin.  He is the originator of life.   He chose to identify with our very poverty in our  humanity so that he might redeem, save and transform us to become shares of His divine life.

In the Power of Poverty that comes to us in the Manger, Power is expressed in Humble Compassionate Love.   Here is the heart of the Christmas message.  It’s a message that is counter worldly Power.  In the Gospel we here the emperor Caesar who uses his power to call people to count them in census, unbeknown to him that in the midst of his wielding his power, the very creator is becoming flesh.  The one who spoke and all was created, He is coming one with humanity, as true King and Ruler forever.  Coming in seemingly in a small insignificant town Bethlehem,

The Army of this new King is far beyond what Caesar can imagine, A multitude of heavenly host, bringing a message not of fear, but of Hope and love.  This is where true Power overcomes the fear, doubt and darkness.   This Army brings a message of Great Joy for all People to hear.  “His dominion is vast and forever peaceful,”

God’s Power comes to us for our good.  We come to be empowered, strengthened by the One who is Love, Christ Jesus the Lord.

Baby Jesus

A Blessed and Merry Christmas to All.   Find your Power at the Manger this year.

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