A Call To Vigilance is a Call to Service

praying hands rosary    33rd Week in Ordinary Time.

A Call to Vigilance, A call to Serve.

Each year as we draw a close to the liturgical year, we listen to scriptures about the end times.  The Word of God calls us to vigilance, reminding us that the Lord is near.  Although the hour of the Lord’s return is not know.  This being reserved to the Father, there is still work for us to do.   As we listen to the word of God it is not meant to be a cause for fear nor alarm, but rather Vigilance.   The Church is called to be actively vigilant, through prayer and service of our neighbor.  God is right on time with His word for us this week.   As we look at the signs around us, look at what is happening in our world we become discourage, fearful and dread the thought can it get any worse.

We hear these words from the book of Psalms.  God speaks to our heart through these words of King David.

“O LORD, my allotted portion and my cup,
you it is who hold fast my lot.
I set the LORD ever before me;
with him at my right hand I shall not be disturbed.”

With great hope in the God who provides and is deeply concerned about His people we step forward with faith, strength and confidence as we approach the future.  We may not know what tomorrow hold, but we know who holds tomorrow.   With this confidence we turn to our diligence in vigilance in seeking justice for the oppressed, in seeking to feed the hungry and cloth those who are naked, opening our hearts and doors to those on the peripheries.

Feeding 260 families, parish members preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner for those who are hungry this week at Blessed Trinity, to the many generous gifts to help us provide for the  hungry and those in need both at Thanksgiving, Christmas and throughout the year.  Encounter all those we meet with dignity and respect as we walk the streets of our neighborhood.   Going beyond the words of Justice to placing them into action.   Giving back to the community, supporting local businesses, seeing the true gifts and talents in each and every one.   This is active vigilance awaiting the Lord’s return.

We are called to act with justice and walk in peace with our God and those around us.   Let us see in these end time readings, not fear of the end, but rather an opportunity to serve, to stand for justice and reach with heart and compassion those on the peripheries.

Let us join together Thursday Morning at 10:00AM and give God Thanks this Thanksgiving.

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