Giving Your All, Brings forth God’s Blessings

Elijah and widow  Today we here of the great love of God shown in the great gift of two Widows.   As we reflect on these women of faith and trust we must understand that a widow with an only son would have been truly marginalized and on the peripheries,  The poorest of the poor, no one to provide for them and care for them, thus they trust completely on the Grace of God working in their lives.

We find a poor widow who is about to prepare her last meal.   The prophet approaches her and makes a request of her.   After a long journey he is tired and hungry, he first requests a glass of water and then a small hearth cake.   The woman is at her last bits of flour and oil and says she has very little.  After she was to prepare something for she and her son they would wait to die.

The widows willingness to give from her poverty, from the very little that she has actually turns out to be her blessing.  The Prophet speaks hope and prosperity over her life, and tell her that he jar will not go empty nor will her jug go dry, that she will have all she needs.   This generous woman’s heart filled with trust and love became disposed to God’s great blessing over her life.  God has anointed and blessed far beyond what she hoped for.

This week we honor our Veterans, women and men who have served in our armed forces and we are grateful for their generous hearts and lives in giving service and sacrifice for nation, family and God.   We see in them as we honor them men and women of not only great valor, but persons of faith willing to stand up and serve so that we might enjoy the freedoms to live, speak, work, love and share our lives as we choose in a free society.   They sacrificed themselves for our sakes.

We have another widow I want to take notice of in the Gospel.  Jesus notices all the wealthy in their fine dress and attire coming up and putting money in the treasury, all their fanfare and glamour is no match for the simplicity and generosity of a poor widow.  In the widow’s mite we see great faith and trust.  Not knowing where her next meal would come from, not knowing how she would make it through tomorrow she trusts and gives to God from her great poverty.   She is willing to give her all.

Like the widows today we are called to trust in God and His ability to speak over our lives His Grace, love and mercy.   God is able to provide for all of our needs.   Let us also seek to give the total gift of ourselves in serving those on the peripheries, the poor, the immigrant, the widow and those on the margins.

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