God makes the Impossible Possible, The Un-doable, doable, the unthinkable, thinkable

the impossible  How often do we look at our lives, our circumstances, and we state. “This is impossible.”  We look at our resources, our abilities and talents and we simple say.   “It’s impossible I just can’t do it or I just can’t make it.”    In our lives it may seem daily that we find obstacles to our actually doing great things for God because we focus on the material things in front of us and we forget that there is something, someone greater who has already got it work out.

“I prayed, and prudence was given me;
I pleaded, and the spirit of wisdom came to me.
I preferred her to scepter and throne,
and deemed riches nothing in comparison with her,”

The first thing we learn about God doing the impossible in our lives, is a resignation that it’s not about us, but rather it’s all about God.  So the wise person who seeks to accomplish the impossible must be a person who prays and pleads to God and wisdom is given.   When ones priorities are right, they seek to make wise and right decisions.   To often the goal in life is wealth and riches, to make money to make millions, and that is the end of the pursuit.   What is lacking is the wisdom that comes from God.

Living in a material and consumerism world we see so many who seem to have it all.  They gain the whole world as it where, and they lack wisdom, they fail to seek God’s design and will for their lives.   We see in the Book of Wisdom, that beyond gold, wealth and even health, the sole desire is to seek the wisdom of God.  I would say that wisdom can also be said the Will of God.   In seeking to be wise in our decisions and pursuing wisdom we in turn seek out the will of God for our lives.

So many have lost everything, from actors to athletes, from brokers to bankers, from CEOs to investors, they thought through their own abilities, strength, and knowhow they could make the impossible happen.   What we learn today is to simply place all that we have at God’s disposal and allow him to use us.   God is much more than our impossible circumstances, he is far beyond what we cannot do, or the obstacle from us getting there.

In the Gospel today, Jesus tell a man who wishes to justify himself, to go and sell all he has and give it to the poor.  In doing so come and follow him.   We clearly here in the Gospel a call to give our lives to and for others.   This Gospel message goes against all that our society tell us.   It shows us that true wisdom to living and loving in trusting in God to bring about his will and greatness.

As a pastor I am constantly challenged to be a man of prayer, as I look each day at the task set before me around me I think, it is impossible.  I even had someone once say “we will always struggle” , “well never get ahead,”     I realize that I and my congregation have to do more praying, more pleading and more giving so that God can transform the seemingly impossible context of a struggling parish church to a place of greatness and prosperity.   I pray that I and my congregation can see beyond what is in front of us every day and be a people of prayer.  Praying and trusting that God knows our need.   Taking from our prayer, our scripture study, our celebration of the Eucharist the power to give totally of ourselves.   So many hungry, so many thirsty, so many unloved, struggling when we give away even out of our poverty, it is then that God can do the impossible.

I ask those who are blessed by this simple ministry around the world, whether in United States, Philippines, India, Italy, Spain and Canada.  Simply pray with us.  Pray for St. Joseph Parish, Plead to God for us.  I as Pastor desire His wisdom to be open to Him doing the impossible through me, and to pray for our church members that God to send His Wisdom, to heal, to lift up, and to open their hearts to give totally of themselves for others.

Let God do the impossible in your life by an openness to His Wisdom and His will for you.

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  1. Thank you Father, I look forward to your email each week and learn from your wise words.Im so looking forward to rejoining you at the end of the month when I shall be coming to St. Pete’s.for the winter.

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