Family, Where we Courageously Live the Gospel

family pray   God created and saw all that he created as good.   In creating the natural world around us the high point of His creation is humanity.  In creating the human person  in His own image, God created humanity to be in relation with others.   In Genesis we hear,  “It is not good for Man to be alone.”   In God’s creating life, and all around us it is only in creating one who is “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” does God culminate the height of His Creation in forming the woman from man.   In the creation account we see the nature of humanity seeing in the other , the woman, great value.   As a man and women are united, created co-equal to one another, they also point to the relationship that Christ has with His Church.

God created us for one another to be communal.  The relationship rooted in the union of husband and wife forms the basis for the Domestic Church.  Christ’s love for the Church is a model for husbands and wives to form their families into courageously living  the Gospel.    We see in the love of the man for the woman first a great appreciation with one in whom he identifies and recognizes the unique nature of her being united with him and created to be one with him.

In the Gospel we find those who design is not one of love nor true knowledge of God’s design for married life, but rather and opportunity to trip Jesus up to find an accusation against him.   Christ turns around  their misguided design to teach us that we are created for love and respect of one another.   Husbands and wives and we as Church are called to welcome children, do not hinder them to experience the loving touch of Christ.   To courageously live the Gospel families see in each relationship a mirror of the love of Christ for the Church.   All families are called to live out the love of God in relationship with one another.    Traditional families of husbands and wives, and families that have extended relatives, to families with only one parent.   No matter what the family each Christian family is called to courageously live their faith by dynamically and wholeheartedly giving testimony to the Gospel the Good News of Jesus Christ.   Let’s live Courageously the Gospel as a church family embracing all families who seek to encounter Christ in His Church.


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  1. Nice reflection and reminder that courageously living the gospel begins in our homes and in our families.

    Dale Brown
    Director, Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute
    Diocese of St. Petersburg
    727-344-1611, ext 5458

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