Sent two by two to Tell the world About Jesus

sent to preach

Today we hear the powerful direction of Jesus as he sends his disciples into the world two by two.  This is a powerful witness that Christ does not send us alone, but he desires that there be unity and oneness as he sends out his disciples out two by two.  In the call to discipleship and evangelization it is meant that it be done  together!  The love of the disciples is also a true witness of the love of God poured forth for all to receive.  In calling the church to dynamic discipleship for the New Evangelization, we are called by Pope Francis to respond to the Gospel and share it with joy.

“The primary reason for evangelizing is the love of Jesus which we have received, the experience of salvation which urges us to ever greater love of him. What kind of love would not feel the need to speak of the beloved, to point him out, to make him known? If we do not feel an intense desire to share this love, we need to pray insistently that he will once more touch our hearts. We need to implore his grace daily, asking him to open our cold hearts and shake up our lukewarm and superficial existence. Evangelium Gaudium chapter 5 paragraph 29

The question for us in ministry, discipleship and service is, how do I witness to Christ with those with whom I serve?  You see we must be clear that we are sent, as the prophet of last week speaks what they here from God, so to does the disciple in union with other disciples bear witness to the love of God through their service of one another.

Authentic disciples are not caught up in “doing their thing” or “singing my song”, or building personal kingdoms where “I’m in charge of this”  “this is my area”.  This attitude is counter productive to Evangelization and the true witness of the disciple.   It is Christ who is the giver of gifts, all of us have different gifts, and each one sharing that gift selflessly, not for their own gain or glory, but rather for Christ truly seeks to walk and live as disciples.   Sending disciples out two by two is designed for just this.  Each one can not only support each other, but if one gets to elated the other can lovingly call their fellow disciple back into proper discipleship constantly listening to Jesus and seeking His will not our own.

In sending the disciples He is calling them to trust in Jesus not their own abilities or possessions.  Jesus says go, and trust that God will provide everything that you need.  When Jesus says “He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick, no food, no sack, no money in their belts.”  Mark 6:8

You see the disciples must be able to see that God provides their every need.   To often we become loaded down with stuff, things we accumulate and as disciples we are weighed down.  We have been called to live much simpler lives, relying on God to provide for all we need.   So often we worry about money, food, belongings and  will we have enough, Jesus says no, trust in God and empty ones self of all the stuff of life that weighs us down.


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