Allow Jesus to Touch Your Life

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Allow Jesus to touch your life

Each day we find ourselves facing moments and circumstances that impact our lives. We look for somewhere to turn, someone to go to. We seek out friends and family, professional help. We turn to self help books, and try to fix our problems. Today we hear a true solution to our needs. The Gospel teaches us that the touch of Jesus can heal and transform our lives.

We see in the Gospel that in the touch of Jesus lives are not only healed but they are restored and made whole again. In the passion and desire of a father we see an answer to his dispair. He turns to the one he’s heard about. You see this father had to have heard of how Jesus fed the thousands, how he healed the lame and the blind. He trusted and believed that if Jesus could enter into his life and that of his family he could change his daughters life, heal her and restore her to health.

In the midst of the journey there is another person, another who had heard about Jesus, she too believed that Jesus could restore her and make her whole. After years of sickness and pain, of being an outcast due to hear blood disorder, she only desired to touch the hem of his garment. You see touching Jesus would have made him impure, but she had to take the risk. She had to fight her way through the crowd, she knew, all she needed was to touch the hem of his garment. So she reaches out, she steps through and her desire is fulfilled. She is healed and made whole. Immedietly she esperiences the power of Jesus and his ability to make her whole, to transform her life and to restore her to health.

There’s a key element of this account. When seeking the touch of Jesus to transform your life, keep doubters out of the way. As your seeking Jesus to bring the healing and wholeness you need keep haters away. They will try to rob you of your blessing. I call them blessing blockers. As Jesus approaches the home of the child the doubters and blessing blockers try to deter Jesus. Jesus puts them out, he takes the little girl by the hand, and his simple touch restores her to life and she is returned to her father.

Let the simple touch of Jesus restore your life

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