God is Seeking you out for your good

Jesus saves               God deeply desires our wellbeing and good. We are reminded that God created us good and seeks us out when we are lost. In our scripture from Genesis God is seeking out Adam. Adam had been disobedient to God, although God knew what had happened he sought out Adam.
We were created to live and walk in God’s presence. With great love this is God’s desire for us. How we respond to God’s initiative can bring us deeper into God’s love or separate us from him. Even though Adam’s free choice separated him from God, God still seeks Him out. As God did for Adam so to for us seeks our good and wellbeing.
We truly are God’s own special position, and God is working out our good for us. “we too believe and therefore we speak, knowing that the one who raised the Lord
Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and place us with you in his presence. Everything indeed is for you,”
For Jesus seeking the will of God is what places us in God’s favor. When Jesus’ mother and relatives desire to see him, he reminds them to do God’s will is honored not their physical role as relatives but their obedience to God.
So many are unaware of God seeking them out, God desiring them not to be lost, living in hiding and shame. Let us be encouraged by God’s Word. God always seeks the lost and finds us and places us a new places for his love and glory to shine forth.

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