Father’s, Phenomenal Men of Faith,

Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to All our Fathers.

As I reflect on Father’s Day my heart and thoughts immediately are brought to the heavenly throne of Grace.  God our heavenly Father is the model of a Father’s love.   The Fatherhood of God is the starting point for the celebration of Father’s Day.  This is because God from the Beginning in creating the universe was united to His Son.   John 1:1 tells us that “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was in God’s presence, and the Word was God.”   Jesus the Son of God, opened the pathway for us into a relationship with His Father, that we might call God “Abba” Daddy.  So my first encouragement as we remember our father’s today that we recall the of God the Father for us as His children, made so through our Baptism into to Christ Jesus.

Today the scriptures remind us that it is by Faith that we walk not by sight.  Father’s who are men of faith, learn to do so not based upon what they see, the challenges of the world, the concerns for providing and protecting the family.  Seeing the daily struggle trying to make ends meet, moving from a place of despair to hope because he can see beyond, what he is facing and has faith to what lies ahead.   You see walking by faith is to walk with hope.   A true father and a true man understands that it’s not about just their hard work and the situation that confronts them each day, but more importantly to hold on to faith, and direct ones steps toward God the Father and his ability in our lives.   Where to we remain, in our own abilities, our own self authority and power.   Not knowing where to go, what to do and standing around doing the same old thing.   So many are simply contented with what they can see, what little they know, that they fail to recognize that God has something far beyond them and greater than them that their own abilities cannot take them.   The true man and father knows that he has to walk by faith not by sight.

As I walk around my parish I see folks doing the same thing everyday.  No direction, no determination, not knowing anything else but the  situation they are in.  It’s all they know so they choose to stay in it.  I want to encourage them to see beyond what they can presently see, and see something greater.   So let this Day be a day of honoring, remembering and encouraging our father’s.   I sad back this week and recalled how my father was shaping me for my future.  His trust and relationship with his Heavenly Father, was helping him to mold his children to do great things because of who the Heavenly Father is in our life.

Finally, there is a reason why the IV of the ten commandments  is “Honor your Father and Your Mother”.   That you might have long life.

Let us turn in prayer to our heavenly Father

Almighty God, my Eternal Father,
from the fullness of my soul I adore You.
I am deeply grateful that You have made me
in Your image and likeness,
and that You ever hold me in Your loving embrace.
Direct me to love You with all my heart,
with all my soul,
and with my whole mind.
Direct me to love all Your children as I love myself.
O, my Father, my soul longs to be united to You,
and to rest in You forever.
Have the Holy Spirit touch my soul
so that I may love You as He does,
and as Your Beloved Son Jesus does.                                         father and son

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