Ascension Sunday Mother’s Day

Mother's DayAs we celebrate Mother’s Day we are thankful for phenomenal mothers. Mother’s, grandmothers, women who function in the motherly role, foster Moms. There is something about a mother’s love. As I began to reflect on this day when we honor all mother’s I am reminded of the love and sacrifice of our mother’s. I remember a special mother’s day. I was in my second pastorate only about 4 hours drive from my parish to my parents home. Since Monday’s were my day off I decided to drive home and surprise my mother. After Mass at St Rita I drove home arrived at supper time. I surprised my mother. My dear mother stood and said to me. “This is the first time in 21 years you’ve been home for mother’s day.” You see my mother knew when she had given me to the Lord and to the Church, there would special times I wouldn’t see her. This was the sacrifice she made in giving me to the Lord’s service. She was so happy and thankful to the Lord to finally have her son home for mother’s day. Seminary training and past mission assignments didn’t allow me to come home.
We have mother’s today here who know sacrifice for their children. I regret I am not present today do to the need to preach to provide for our parish. The God given gifts that are to be used to build up the body of Christ I offer for the good of St Joseph Parish. Mother’s my blessing upon each of you as you celebrate this day. I love each of our mother’s and I am grateful for their commitment and faithfulness to loving all of us all. Happy Mother’s Day!

Feast of the Ascension

In the Gospel today Jesus gives us the mandate to “Go”. To proclaim the Good News to every nation. It is clear that as Church we are called to go out, to reach out to share the good news about Jesus’ love and power to transform lives. There is an urgency to proclaim this message, to let others know that they are valued, they are welcome. As a parish we must both continue to seek a place where our members needs are met, while at the same time reach out to our community. Jesus’ doesn’t say wait till everything is set up and taken care of before we reach out. We must do both, and we at St Joseph are doing just that. Let us welcome the mandate of the Ascension and go out to our portion of the world and proclaim the good news. “They went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs.”
The Lord is truly working through our parish to touch peoples lives let’s us welcome the opportunity for others to see St Joseph as a place of welcome .

Fr. Stephan Brown SVD

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