The Power for your Transformation


Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter

How often have we searched for some sort of self help? We sought books and authors who offer 10 Ways to be successful in life, Seven Steps to a new you, or How to become successful and each one tells story after to story of how either author of some company overcame it’s setbacks and challenges and rose to greatness.  I recall even reading the key book to my own leadership training “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

Over this week we see, hear and re-tell the greatest account of transformative power available to human kind.  Holy week we watch the surrender and the transformation of the one who created the world and all that is in it.  We find in Him and His total gift to transform us to move from yes, “Good to Great”, from failure to success, but even more profoundly from Death to Life.   This Holy Week together as believers we journey, and accompany our Lord, from shouts of “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him”! to “He is Truly Risen”

We begin by journeying with Jesus to Jerusalem, where the Glory of the Lord returns to Jerusalem.  On Palm Sunday enters the City in Glory the Son of David, The Lord claiming His City, He Yahweh  come to His Holy City and Filling the Temple with His presence.  With this Triumphal Entry in to Jerusalem, what does it mean for Jesus to Fill our Lives with His Presence?  For he who is Yahweh enters us and our lives to fill, change and transform by His Glorious Presence.

As we move through Holy Week we see a new kind of King a new ruler, not one that rules with Armies and Weapons of destruction, but rather one whose Awesome and Powerful Love moves, shapes and transforms lives.   Jesus comes to Rule, but we will see the greatest power at the Cross, and then to the tomb.   For the Cross is the pinnacle point of transformation, where Yahweh, God transforms death to life.   Where to tomb instead of being a final place rather becomes the gateway to new life.

I offer you not a method, nor some philosophy, but I believe that the power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus  Christ can change our lives.  If we embrace and welcome Him and His love into our hearts now as we are.  If we allow him into the deepest most secretive parts of our lives.  Jesus embraced and accepted the cross willingly and lovingly because he wanted us to have power over our lives, over death, weakness, our frailties and faults.

For those who find themselves lost completely not knowing where to turn, turn to Christ.  For those sunken into the deepest depression and living in darkness and despair allow Christ to be your light of hope.  Find in Christ a reason not only to live, but to celebrate life and allow your life to be transformed so that others might experience the transformative power of Jesus.

Passion Ressurection


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