There is Power in the Name of Jesus






This weekend I want us to look at the power that is in the name of Jesus. I want us to see exactly what His name does for us when we say it for His honor and glory. To often we go about our daily life happy and blissful never thinking for one moment about our Lord and Savior. When we come to obstacles in life instead of turning to Jesus for help we turn away from Him. We try to solve the problem on our own, or we buy a self help book, get advice from friends or family. We may even go to a complete stranger for help before we turn to Jesus for help.
Why is that? Here we are supposed to be serving an all powerful God and we don’t believe He can or will handle our problems. The main reason why is that for so long we have developed a case of pew sitting. We come to church on Sunday morning, we hear a sermon as we sit in our pews and we go home. We never think about the sermon again or to put the message into practice in our lives. We say I have done my duty and that is it until next Sunday morning. We have developed a generation of pew sitters that don’t expect anything more from God than a sermon on Sunday morning from the Preacher. We don’t develop a dependence on God. We don’t see Him at work in our lives because we don’t watch for it we say look at what I have accomplished or done in my life. We have accomplished or done nothing in our life God did it all. The reason why they don’t serve Him fully is because they believe they are serving Him fully by showing up on Sunday morning. They have come to believe Satan’s lies that service to God is showing up on Sunday morning. They believe this because that is what they have been taught by their parents and the church. Preachers have quite preaching service to God because it makes people mad and they leave. People naturally don’t like to be told they are wrong and they naturally want to do the least that they feel like they can get by with. So they go where they can do it their way.

3 thoughts on “There is Power in the Name of Jesus

  1. Praise God whoever wrote this. Amen.
    I have had surgery and haven’t been to church in a while and I am new to this area and haven’t registered.
    God Bless

  2. There is Power great Power in the Holy Name Of Jesus
    Thank you for calling me to greater discipleship
    A greater love for Jesus

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