Called to Radical Discipleship

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We are called to live radically for Christ.  There is clearly a need for a radical and clear change in our world, and in our own lives.  God so desires to use us, the allow this year to be a year that we are living and walking into our Season.  A Season, a time where God sets forth a new direction and clarifies his purpose for our lives.  Walking in to this Season requires a radical response to God’s call of not only letting him use us and call us to greater but to allow our very selves to be radically open to God actually using us for greatness that ultimately gives glory to God.

Jesus in calling his first disciples, they had no idea what he meant when he said they would be fishers of men.   But was clear is that the life that they once knew is over, God is embarking them on something new.  The very transformation of peoples lives, and thus changing in a real and radical way the world.   A world that would reflect the kingdom of God.

Be encouraged, because there will be those who try to deny your Season, call you out of and claim that there is nothing for them, go back to do what they have been doing.  The same old same old.   This is your Season, this  is our Season, St. Paul says in the 7th chapter of 1st Corinthians. ” The one who stands firm in his resolve, however, who is not under compulsion but has power over his own will, and has made up his mind”   As Christian men and women, convicted to stand in our resolve, God is working things out in your favor, utilize your personal power, no one, no situation, or circumstance can stand in the way of your Season for Joy.  This message is powerful if we look deep into the Gospel, God chooses to Call us for His purpose.   I am amazed at how many are standing with us, in support of our efforts to change and transform St. Joseph Parish and the community we are serving.

This week parishioners met with our  Mayor to call him to right action in regarding to radically providing affordable housing in our community.  Representatives are stepping up to partnership with us to serve the children and youth in our  community, to seek programs for youth, this is a radical change, instead of waiting until the young are in trouble, we begin to address and reach out to them at young ages.  This is our Season St. Joseph, the city of St. Petersburg sees in us a great place to welcome, encourage and reach out in a radical way.  Lets seek to make our community truly representative of the Kingdom of God.   A Kingdom, of Justice, Love and Peace.  If people seek to tear down what you build, build it anyway.   If people chose to destroy when you create, create anyway, when people hate the love you show forth, love anyway.  St. Joseph this is your Season of Joy, step into it and make it happen.   Christ has already called each of us by name, has given His Spirit and is present to us.   Let’s walk into our Season of Joy.

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  1. This the true message of the Gospel – To be our brothers and sisters keepers.It also aligns with Catholic Social Teachings.

  2. Father Stefan,
    Your written homily is as inspiring as the one you delivered to us at St. Timothy in Tappahannock Va. Thank you for sharing your grace and your weekend with us.

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