A People in Darkness, Have Seen a Great Light

Mary   Singing Glory, Be to Jesus, Son of God and Prince of Peace, He’s Mighty Alpha and Omega, Born in our hearts at Christmas

We begin our Christmas Celebration in the midst of darkness, the midnight hour.  As the scripture unfold we move from Darkness to Light, from Fear to Faith, From Faith to Hope, and Hope to Power.

The Christmas proclamation reminds us that God in His love breaks through the darkness of night, and shines forth with the light that brings hope to the world.  This is why we can sing Glory be to Jesus on this night, for he is the true light of the world.  “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone. You have brought them abundant joy, and great rejoicing,”

The world was waiting in anticipation for a new King, one who would rule from David’s throne, this king would defend, protect, provide and bring a reign of peace.  What great hope this prophesy brings to a people existing under the darkness of oppression, destruction and degradation.   Isaiah proclaims a message of hope that God has not only remembered His people, but that God has visited His people and remains one with them.

God’s grace has truly appeared to us, saving all and this gift of salvation that we receive through Christ is cause for joy.  This transformative encounter with God, the joy of God becoming one with his people cleanses, heals and makes whole calling us to be eager in doing what is good.

Each of us experiences our own darkness, our sin, our weaknesses, our  limitations, our suffering and pain.  The news of a physical our health challenge, the loss of a loved one, a major change in our lives can sometimes seem like the darkness of night, and living in the  midnight hour.   Thomas Merton speaks of this darkness:

“If we set out into this darkness, we have to meet these inexorable forces. We will have to face fears and doubts. We will have to call into question the whole structure of our spiritual life. We will have to make a new evaluation of our motives for belief, for love, for self-commitment to the invisible God. And at this moment, precisely, all spiritual light is darkened, all values lose their shape and reality, and we remain, so to speak, suspended in the void.”

It is precisely in the midst of darkness the God enters in and brings light, joy and peace.  Embrace the darkness of this night so as to experience it’s transforming power.  This night leads us to faith.  Believing in the one God has sent, His only begotten Son, this faith dispels the fear of darkness and thrusts us into the Hope that Christ alone can give.

This is a power moment, a break through unlike any other where the very power of the God who created us, shows forth great love.  Love for all of humanity in giving us one who has the power to save, change and transform all of creation for His glory.   So let us join the song of the Angels, Let us sing Glory and Praise be to Jesus, the Son of God and the Prince of Peace, the Mighty Alpha and Omega, Born in our Hearts at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas

Fr. Stephan Brown, SVD



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  1. Merry Christmas to you Fr Stephen.🎄 That message was lovely. Annette R🎄👍🙏🎼

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  2. Thank you Father for this very meaningful post so much so that I shall save it to reread it and keep reminding myself of the true meaning of Christmas and during the periods of doubting my faith. God Bless You Father

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    • Thank You So much, It is good to see that this simple way of reaching out and touching lives is ministering to those who visit our page. We welcome you to join us one Sunday for Mass

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