Come Share the Master’s Joy


Each  person has been given talents and gifts rooted in God’s love and each persons context.  God has blessed each of us with so many gifts.  The blessings and graces  God gives us is meant to bear fruit for Gods glory.  What are we doing with  our talents?  How do we place our talents at the service of ‘God and others?  The beauty of St Joseph Parish is the richness of its People.  People of diverse backgrounds, gifts, and talents come together as a family.  In the context of a loving church family we are called to use the gifts of who we are to bless one another.  For the [last four months I have served as your Parochial Administrator.  I  have met such richness in the lives of those who call St. Joseph home.  St Joseph is utilizing its gifts and trusting in God to bear it’s fruit.  In the Gospel three servants who were entrusted with talents, they produced more, and the  master invited them to share in his joy.  The third  servant out of fear hid his talents, and was shut out.   You see fear robs us of Joy.  Trusted with talents the first two took what they had and used  it to produce more and they were invited to share the Masters joy.  They were not in fear of what might happen or what might fail.  The took the chance and stepped out to produce for their master. I have learned in life don’t fear.  If things are not going well, learn from  them, but keep using your talents and God will continue to bless them.  We learn that we are called to share our gifts, and produce goodness, love, and joy.  Let’s use the gifts of who we are to bring life and blessings to others.  As this years draws to a close ask yourself what am I doing to bear fruit?  Do I see and recognize that Jesus is the center of our Joy, all that is good and perfect comes from him.  He is the heart of my contentment and hope for all I do.  Jesus are you the center of my joy or do I fear what would happen and fail to trust God to produce the fruit in my life?  Let’s trust, risk and be willing to step out and use what we have for God’s glory.  Come share your master’s joy.
Fr. Stephan Brown, S.V.D

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