A Call to Love a Call to Justice

In the midst of our journeying together we have been seeking to love and act with justice in our relationships with those that we serve.  This week the scriptures call in us to see in the immigrant, the foreigner namely the “Other” our neighbor and to treat them with justice.   Seeking to love our neighbor and act in justice in our interaction and life together is core to who we are as a Christian people.

We are engaged in crucial Justice Ministry as a parish.   Through our partnership with F.A.S.T, we collaborate with our faith communities to prioritize our outreach and advocacy for the most marginalized in our community.  I would like to speak on behalf of the vital and most marginalized, namely our youth.  We are at a critical point in regard to our youth and young adults.  It was clearly a sign of the direction of the Holy Spirit that during our last F.A.S.T. Assembly youth and young adults were placed as our highest priority.  So often our youth and young adults are disconnected and do not feel the love that we ought to be showing them.

Out catechetical ministry to our children is well attended and directed.  We must focus our love, resources and attention to the needs of our youth.  We have a good number of youth that attend our Masses.   I would like to first make a plea to our parents. If you have teenage and young adults please encourage their participation.  We sought to have a youth summit to hear from our youth, unfortunately none attended.   Our youth are vital to the future of our church.   Their presence, needs and concerns require a commitment  from our entire parish.  Let’s support parents with youth, lets invite and hear the ideas, needs and concerns of young adults.   We need you, we value you, we appreciate your inquisitive spirit, your desire and passion.  You are vital to our survival and we need you to step into your future, the claim who and whose you are.

As a parish called to love our neighbor, called to act in justice, place our youth and young adults as a priority and make available our resources to your needs.   I encourage us to actively seek out parents of youth and invite young adults and families back home.   Make time for the youth and young adults.



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